TLC Extreme Couponing | How to Get Started


The new season of TLC’s Extreme Couponing is slated to start tonight. Since this is  tv, we know that Extreme Couponing  does not show us REALITY. I wanted to give a couple tips to Learn to Coupon – without being extreme. You can save a ton of money and be ethical. 

:: To get started couponing, you really need to understand what coupons are and how they work.  Take a few minutes to read this post here about the anatomy of a coupon.

:: Decide which stores you want to start shopping at.  Start small at one or two stores.   Choose your stores and find their coupon policy. Here are a few key stores:

:: CVS Coupon Policy

:: Target Coupon Policy & How To

:: Walmart Coupon Policy & Price Matching 

:: Rite Aid Coupon Policy & How To 

:: Start printing and collecting coupons.  Here are some resources:

::Weekly Coupon Preview (you can find these coupons in your newspaper)

:: Newest Printable Coupon

:: Check the Coupon Database for the newest coupons.

:: Decide on your buy price.   Check out our stockpile price list guidelines. (Note: These are just guidelines to help you determine your prices)

:: Stockpile Price List Dairy

:: Stockpile Price List Pantry

:: Stockpile Price List Toiletries 

Other good resources:


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