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This week I will be posting my 2012 Stock Up Price Lists.  This series started last year  and you can see the prices I listed here.  Don’t worry about printing all of these, at the end of the week there will be a complete stockpile price list.

I want to make sure you are aware that these prices are based on national averages. I believe that 85% of the readers of FTM are able to obtain these prices using coupons, combined with sales and store rewards.  Many of these prices are obtained by shopping sales cycles and require time and effort.  These price points may not be the prices that you are willing to shop at. They are to give you a starting point to creating your own.

You will notice some drastic increases from my early 2011 price lists.  This is due to several things:

  •  Increased awareness of couponing
  • Increased cost of food
  • Decreased values of coupons
  •  Tightening of coupon policies
  • More people using coupons
  • Less BOGO sales and less BOGO coupons

The buy price is the max I will pay for the product – unless I have a dire emergency .  The stock up price is my normal buy price – meaning this is what I would normally pay and I would buy more than 1. Of  course, there are always opportunity to do better than these prices. You will also notice that this years Buy Price may be higher than last year. This is due to decreased opportunities to save. Since sales are less frequent lately and less stock available, you may have to purchase products in between stock up opportunities.



Your prices may vary. This is just a starting point for you to develop your OWN price list. 

How do your stock up prices compare?

Check back tomorrow for more stock up prices!

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  • Anna

    thank you for the list!!!
    this is a bit off topic, but i wanted to say that i am always frustrated with my friends who actually cannot afford to shop at regular prices. Not enough income. Yet when I tell them about couponing, they tell me they are impatient or don’t have the time. I don’t care how impatient you are, if it saves money it deserves your time and patience!!!

  • Thank you! Sharing this :)

  • Ana

    I have only couponed for about 3 months but I am able to pretty much get those prices. However 2 products which I am absolutely brand specific are Always pads and tampax pearl tampons. I can never get these at the price you have them at. I mostly have gotten them at Costco or BJ’s. What is a typical sale for this at Rite Aid or CVS? I have 30 +UPs that I must use in the next 7 days and would like to purchase some.

    • Stephanie

      I used to only use Tampax pearl tampons but when I started couponing I decided to widen my use and tried PLaytex Sport, I like them just as much as peals, so if you haven’t tried them you might want to give it a shot…

      But anyways,
      I was able to find a deal at Target last summer, it was buy 2 boxes of Tampax Pearl Tampons 36 ct. $6.99 each get a $5 gift card. At the time there was also I think a $1 off each Target coupon and also a $1 off each Manu coupon and was able to get them pretty darn cheap. I stocked up and now have enough of both brands of tampons to last me at least three years. Every once in awhile a great great deal like that will come out, but tampons will go on a gift card deal at target at least every 2 months so keep an eye out!!

      Good luck.

  • thanks!!!!!!!! :)

  • N Nagle

    I want to print this list. How can I do that?

    • Ellen

      I just copied and pasted to a word document. then saved to print later.

  • Forthecoups

    I definitely noticed an increase since I started couponing last year until now… the coupons have definitely decreased in value and there are more limits of 1 or 2 instead of 3 or no limits.

    BUT even with these changes I learned now to really stock up on rock bottom prices enabling me to really wait months until there are rock bottom prices again.

  • Krystal

    Your toilet paper price its .50… Is that per roll? so like a 4 pk double roll would be 2.00?

    • Brenda

      I was wondering the same thing

      • melissa

        I’m not Shannon, but I’m quite sure that’s what she means.

        • Tara

          I go by Square footage (some stores even list it on the tag, makes it easier)
          Toilet Paper
          1 Ply Thin $0.0045 per sq ft  (Scott 1000, Marcal 1000)
          1 Ply Thick $0.0085 per sq ft  (Charmin Basic, Scott Extra Soft, Cottonelle Clean Care & Gentle Care)
          2 Ply Thin $0.01 per sq ft  (Angel Soft, 7th Generation, Up & Up, White Cloud, Charmin Ultra Strong)
          2 Ply Thick $0.013 per sq ft  (Charmine Ultra Soft, Quilted Northern Soft & Strong, Cottonelle Ultra Comfort)
          3 Ply Thick $0.018 per sq ft  (Quilted Northern Ultra Plush White Cloud Ultra Thick & Thick)

  • I’m new to your site. Do you do a stock up list for food items as well?

  • Sarah

    I agree that this is right! I shop mostly CVS and this is what I get.

  • Kristen

    Wow, this is great!! I have seen price lists but I always wonder how old they are because, as you point out for us, price change over time :) Thanks so much for your research to make this updated list for us!

  • Nancy

    Shannon, quick question…because of these trends, which I started to notice the middle of last year, with this coupon craze, so to speak, the tightening of coupon policies, and all that you noted in your post, do you think that eventually we won’t be getting things for free, even after store rewards, coupons, deals, etc.? I realize you’re not a psychic, but I’m just wondering what your thoughts are on this since you’ve been doing it so long and you have such a handle on things because of your research for your blog, etc. I do remember when I first started two years ago, it seemed if you waited long enough you could get just about everything for free or very close to it, but lately it’s getting tougher and tougher to get those “really good” deals in all areas. And also Shannon, thanks for all your work on this site because without it, I’d miss out on sooo much! You rock.

    • Shannon

      I think the coupon craze is fizzling Nancy – so hopefully things will bounce back!

      • Melissa

        I agree with you Shannon. I’ve noticed that some people that I share my knowlege with are just not willing to put in the time to do the work. Me, I’d rather do the work and save my money.

        -Thanks for this site and all the fans and friends. We are living more comfortably because of all of you… debts are getting paid off and we actaully have money left over from our paychecks each week to get things paid off quicker..

        • Ed

          Kinda a complementary point: Even though you notice that the coupons are not as good and the policies are getting tighter. Have you noticed because of the increase in couponers, getting the deals you even have the coupons for is much harder.

          I have not been doing this for that long, but I can easily walk down the aisles of the grocery stores and can tell what has a coupon. Sometimes it is helpful because if I see an empty spot, I think I have to go back and look for that coupon. :-)

          Anywho, I think it is not only the smaller value coupons and the policies, I think the sheer number of people doing this makes it harder to get the deals.

          My 2 cents,

          • melissa

            Couldn’t agree more. When I started 2 years ago, I was one of a handful (or so it seemed) of couponers in my town. Now, it’s totally widespread. I’ve actually stepped back from my drug store couponing for a little while. I’m still reading awesome blogs like this one, but when I see that the deal involves 6 deodorants, for example, I skip it because the chances are that my store will still have 6 deodorants are slim to none and I’m not going to pack up all my kids, drive 10 miles to town in hopes of some free/cheap deodorant only to be disappointed by an empty shelf. Or there are those deals that require $30 worth of stuff to get $10 back, but I seem to be spending money on filler items that I don’t need to get to my required total and it’s just not worth it for me right now. Plus, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a rather nice stockpile from the last year, so I just keep my eyes open for those things that I might be getting low on.

            Hoping Shannon’s right and things are starting to fizzle so we can get back to business as usual.

  • Jenna

    I had noticed higher prices at the end of last year, thank you so much for doing this.

  • Suzanne Beam via Facebook

    The first time I saw this list I said to myself “no way” but putting in a little time and work I was able to buy at these prices Thanks so much

  • amy peca

    thank you so much for this. I’m still in disbelief here in PA–as to the price difference from TN..I am always second guessing myself as to what a good deal is. I too am anxiously awaiting your meat listing,,,,thanks for all you do! Your helping this mama go from 2 incomes in TN to 1 in PA and learning how to save $ along the way :)

  • Misty Grenz via Facebook

    Thanks for doing this!! I refer to your list often!!

  • Kristin Shawver Forsyth – thanks, the prices are a bit higher this year – which is disappointing, but I looked at the last three months of CVS, Rite Aid and Wags and it seems to be the trend

  • Raeanne Brown

    Thank you for thise, I had recently started putting together my own price book and was stuck on some things. I still have a ways to go and cant wait to see the rest of your price points, especially meat. I always get stuck on what is a good deal in the meat department. Once again, thank you for this.

  • Thank you!

  • Awesome! I am constantly pointing people to your list from last year! Thanks for doing an update :)