Stockpile Price List – Pantry Items


This week I will be posting my 2012 Stock Up Price Lists.

You can see the stockpile price lists for toiletries here.

You can see the stockpile price lists for dairy here.

I want to make sure you are aware that these prices are based on national averages. I believe that 85% of the readers of FTM are able to obtain these prices using coupons, combined with sales and store rewards. Many of these prices are obtained by shopping sales cycles and require time and effort. These price points may not be the prices that you are willing to shop at. They are to give you a starting point to creating your own.

You will notice some drastic increases from my early 2011 price lists. This is due to several things:

  • Increased awareness of couponing
  • Increased cost of food
  • Decreased values of coupons
  • Tightening of coupon policies
  • More people using coupons
  • Less BOGO sales and less BOGO coupons

The buy price is the max I will pay for the product – unless I have a dire emergency . The stock up price is my normal buy price – meaning this is what I would normally pay and I would buy more than 1. Of course, there are always opportunity to do better than these prices. You will also notice that this years Buy Price may be higher than last year. This is due to decreased opportunities to save. Since sales are less frequent lately and less stock available, you may have to purchase products in between stock up opportunities.

Your prices may vary. This is just a starting point for you to develop your OWN price list. 

How do your stock up prices compare?

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  • beth

    did you update your price lists for meats this year?

  • Tonya Myers via Facebook

    shannon did u say u are going to post the entire stockpile list when its done? just trying to figure out if i need to print each one separately

  • Rebecca

    Do you think that getting these prices is shopping mostly at the big chain stores? I try to shop Family Owned Markets to support our local economy- I also like knowing that the meat, milk and produce I buy there is as local as possible but I have trouble getting these prices at those stores. For example they have Campbells condensed soups on sale this week for $1 and with a coupon .75 which is a lot higher than your stock-up price. What are your thoughts?

  • Sarah

    Thanks for the tip!! That helps!

  • angel

    I just want to Thank you so much for all your hard work. If it wasn’t for sites and post like this I would never be able to coupon to my fullest and feed my children. The joys of being on a disability check and even though I qualify for food stamps I don’t like getting disability as it is, so I want to leave the food stamps for another family who needs it more then me. It used to cost me around $500 a month(all generic) to feed my family of 4 and now I only spend $225 a month(all brand name) and that includes my meat, produce and household stuff. Please keep up the fantastic work I and my family Thank you for making this easier for me and my family to survive on such a small budget.

    • Shannon


      I am so happy to hear this! You should pat yourself on the back, it takes hard work to put together and stick to such a budget!

  • Sarah

    Thanks! I mostly agree with all that! I’ve only been doing this for a year, but I didn’t see the great BBQ sauce and ketchup prices last summer. I will certainly be on the lookout this year!

  • Tonya

    Thanx for the new list-makes me feel a lil better seeing the higher prices and not thinking I’m so crazy anymore! It has been very frustrating trying to find good deals and good coupons, my budget has had to increase significantly to reflect the “economy.”

  • Michelle

    I would like a list of freezable diary products if you have one available. I have found that you can freeze butter and cheese but dips due not thaw well. Thanks :)