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Welcome to Learn to Coupon... in 30 days. For the next 30 days (week days),  I will be posting a couponing how to.  Each day we will build on the prior days information. The goal of this series is to teach you the basics of couponing. Where to start, what coupons to use, how to use your coupons and more.This series will focus on realistic strategies for couponing.  There will be some depth to the posts, so you will need to spend the time reading the posts in the entirety. Since each post will build on the day before, I suggest you read them chronologically.

We have made it to day 10!  If you are new couponer, hopefully you are finding this information beneficial.

Today we are going to discuss Catalinas.   If your store offers Catalinas, they definitely should become part of your couponing strategy.  Catalinas can be used to increase your savings significantly at the grocery store.


What is a catalina?

A catalina is a coupon that is printed at the register at participating stores when you purchase select participating items.

Where does a catalina come from?

The catalina coupon prints out from the catalina machine at the register. (Be sure to check the machine to see if the coupons have printed.) See Photo so you can recognize them in the store.  They are little mini printers that are next to the register.  Make sure your catalina box has  a green light on if you are using self checkout.  They will print out after you pay for bill.

How do I earn a catalina?

There are several ways to earn a catalina at checkout.

Example A: Purchase x Dollars of a product to receive a coupon for X dollars off your next order (OYNO)

In this scenario, you must purchase $12.00 worth of any of the participating products to receive  3.00 off your next order.  You may pick any of the items included in the promo. You automatically save 25% with this promotion.

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Example B: Purchase X amount of product to receive a coupon for X dollars off your next order.

In this promotion, you buy 4 Fruit Snacks and you will receive $2.50 off your next order.  You are automatically save 41% on this order.

Example  C: Purchase X items to receive a free item or dollars off a specific item on your next order.

In this promotion, when you purchase 3 of participating products, you will receive a catalina for $3.75 off milk in your next order.


Free Milk Catalina

Example Catalina



Example D:  Targeted Marketing Manufacturer Catalinas

Catalina marketing is also used to target specific purchases.  These catalina coupons are triggered by your purchases.  For example, if I buy Best Life Butter, I may get a coupon for Smart Balance Spread.  This is how companies direct market to consumers.

One important thing to note is that many of the manufacturer catalinas are coupons that can be used at other stores.  If your catalina has a barcode for a manufacturer coupon (starting with 5 or 9) you may be able to use it at another store.

What can you use Catalinas to purchase?

It depends. Some Catalina’s are good for any purchase. So basically, if it is $2.00 off your next order, you can use it towards any purchase. This is a great way to reduce the cost of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. Note: Some states have laws that prohibit from being used for dairy and other items.

If you have a catalina for a specific item, you may only use it for that item.

Are Catalinas based on shelf price or purchase price?

This also depends on the store. Many stores catalinas are based on shelf price.  What does this mean?   In the example above, you must purchase $12.00 worth of products.The item is on sale for $3.00.  The regular retail “shelf price” is $4.00.  In this case, you must only buy 3 of the items specified to reach the catalina requirements.  However, there are stores that the deals are always based on sale price.  In this case, you would have to buy 4 of the product to earn the $3.00 catalina.

Can I roll catalinas ?

Rolling means – can you purchase a catalina deal and use a catalina from the prior transaction – and still get another catalina.  Many catalinas will roll. There are sometimes catalinas will not roll.   You usually can find out this information on the bottom of the catalina.   For example,  P&G often has a $10.00 off your next order, but it is may not be good on P&G products.

Can I use catalinas at any store?

OYNO catalinas may only be used at the store you earned them at.  {Note, there are a few stores that will accept competitor OYNO catalinas).   If you get a manufacturer coupon from the catalina machine, you technically should be able to use it anywhere.

Can I use coupons with my catalina deal?

Yes!  Most catalinas a triggered based on pre coupon price. However, be sure to check your ad to see if specifies before or after coupons. Even if your catalina is after coupons, you may still use them to stretch your savings.

How can I find out about catalinas in advance?

There is no comprehensive list of catalina deals. You can find some of them on the Coupon Network. You can also look out for notices that print off  at the catalina machine alerting you to upcoming catalina deals.  You can also find catalina deals in your weekly ad.

Why didn’t my catalina print?

There are few reasons why the catalina may have not printed:

:: The catalina machine was out of paper. Make sure that the light is green before you start your order.

:: You miscalculated the amount – you cannot be 1 penny short with your requirements. For example, $29.99 will not trigger a $30.00 purchase requirement catalina.

:: A particular size was not participating, even though the brand and product type you purchased was correct.

::  There are sometimes glitches in the  product coding by the manufacturer and catalina.

What if my catalina didn’t print?

Try going to the customer service desk first.   Sometimes they will just give you cash back on the order.  If you are sure you met the requirements – many times they will take care of the situation.

If you are unsuccessful at the store level, you can  contact catalina marketing via phone at 1-888-8COUPON. You can also email them directly at ncsc@catalinamarketing.com. When you email or call, be sure to have your receipt ready. Also be sure to have the catalina information ready.

The biggest thing to remember with catalina deals is that they can go wrong  from time to time. Don’t let this stop you from taking advantage of the amazing opportunity to save.

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