Learn to Coupon | Where to Find Coupons Part II

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Welcome to Learn to Coupon... in 30 days. For the next 30 days (week days),  I will be posting a couponing how to.  Each day we will build on the prior days information. The goal of this series is to teach you the basics of couponing. Where to start, what coupons to use, how to use your coupons and more.This series will focus on realistic strategies for couponing.  There will be some depth to the posts, so you will need to spend the time reading the posts in the entirety. Since each post will build on the day before, I suggest you read them chronologically.

Where to Find Coupons

Coupons are everywhere. 20 years ago there were only a few sources of coupons. Today, you can find coupons just about everywhere.  We all know the standard Sunday newspapers – but the best coupons these days are not found in newspapers.  After coupon stacking, high value coupons is another way to say big dollars.

Over the next few days, we are going to discuss some of the well known sources and not so well known sources for coupons.  Yesterday’s post focused on Sunday Newspaper Coupons.  Today we will focus on finding coupons in stores.


Example Blinkie Coupon Dispenser


What is a blinkie coupon?

Blinkies are Smart Source coupons that are found in stores.  They are found attached to shelf in front of the items they are for.   Blinkie boxes are put out on a regular monthly schedule. They are often restocked throughout the month.  These coupons may be used at any store that accepts manufacturer coupons.  These coupons can be taken at any time and used at any time through there expiration date.

If you pay close attention, you will notice that many times items will not be on sale when their is a blinkie coupon. {It does happen, but not more often than not, they do not go on sale}.    A smart couponer will save these coupons to be used when the item is on sale.  Many Blinkie coupons are high value. You can frequently find them for new products.

Blinkie coupons are free, however you should use good coupon etiquette when deciding how many to take.  Please do not empty the machine. Many machines take a minute or so in between dispensing.  Be kind and remember that there is limited stock of the coupons in the dispenser. If you take a coupon and decide that you don’t want it, many dispensers have a little slot on top to allow you to put it back in.

While you are shopping, don’t be afraid to to take coupons from the blinkie machines. They are a great source for coupons!

Peelie Coupon

Example of Peelie Coupons



Another great source of coupons is peelies. Peelies are coupons that are affixed to a product and you “peel” them off of the product.  Peelies can be either manufacturer or store coupons.  I have found many peelies that make products very cheap or free. Sometimes, I find items that I am not really looking to buy. For example, the Sun Crystals above – the product was $2.99 and the peelie was $3.00.   You may find a store coupon to stack with a manufacturer coupon.

Rite Aid Peelies

Example of Store Peelies

This peelie on the Gain was a Rite Aid store coupon. I was able to stack it with a Gain coupon to get free Gain.  Be sure to keep an eye out in store for peelies.

There is some debate with peelies.   Many people believe that peelies should not be removed from a product that you are not purchasing. Peelies seem to be designed for usage on buying that particular item at that particular store.  Some peelies require that it is still attached to the item – only to be removed by the cashier.  Please use your discretion and judgement when deciding to remove peelies from product.

Example of Hang Tag Coupon

Example of Hang Tag Coupon

Hang Tag Coupon

A hang tag coupon is a coupon that you find hanging on a product. Hang Tags can be either manufacturer or store coupons. Like peelies,  I have found many hang tags that make products very cheap or free.

There is some debate with Hang Tags, just like peelies. Again, please use your discretion and judgement when deciding to remove  hang tags from product.

In Store Coupon Books & Pamphlets

Most stores have instore coupon books.  These books can include both manufacturer and store coupons.  Don’t pass these books by!  Always grab in store coupon books. Many times, you can use these coupons at other stores. Remember, you just need to check to see if they are manufacturer coupons.  Stores like Target and Walgreens have in store coupon books regularly.

Here are some books you can look for (these are just a few examples)

June – Dairy Month Booklets in Grocery Stores

March – Frozen Food Booklets in Grocery Stores

Walgreens:  Monthly IVC Booklet, Periodic Booklets for Diabetes Care, Child Care etc.

Target: Target tends to have seasonal coupon books that can be found instores and in the mail.

CVS : CVS has the Reinventing Beauty Magazine and other instore publications that include coupons.

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