FTM Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find what I am looking for on this site?
At the top right hand corner, there is a magnifying glass and a search box. The search is very specific, so please be sure to try several terms. {return to top}


How can I contact you?
Head over to this contact form. This is the easiest way to contact us! {return to top}


Are you on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest?
Yes! Find us here on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. {return to top}


Who is on the FTM team ?
The FTM Team is made up of Moms and Dads who are avid couponers and savers. You can read more about the story of why FTM was started here. You can read more about the FTM Team Here. {return to top}


What stores do you cover?
When you get to the FTM home page and hover over “store deals” there is a drop down list that appears of the stores that we cover. These stores change from time to time to meet the readers needs but  drop us a line if you have a particular store in mind. {return to top}


What sites can I print coupons from?

There are many sites to print coupons from.  The ones we recommend the most are linked directly under the “Find Coupons” section of the blog. You can use the menu above in purple. You can also bookmark the coupon url that is updated daily.  You can also use some of these popular coupons sites:

If we find printable coupons from any other source for another deal, we will link you right to them from the deal post.  You can also check the coupon database for thousands of coupon references. {return to top}


Where do I find the coupon policy for the store I shop at most?

We have many coupon policies right here on the FTM site.  Click on the name of the store to get to their coupon policy.


Where do I find out the meaning of all this coupon lingo?

It can be very confusing, but luckily we’ve put together a nice little reference sheet.  You can view the Coupon Lingo Reference Sheet Here.  {return to top}


What are coupon matchups?

Coupon matchups are lists of all items from the ad that are on sale in a store, with the available coupons for that item paired with it. To learn how to use the coupon matchups, read this article here. {return to top}


What stores do you do matchups for and where do I find them?

Many stores.  Your best way to find the matchups for your store is to use the store deals menu and filter by your store. {return to top}


I’m looking for a coupon for a specific item. How do I find one?

The fastest and best way to find a coupon is to use the FTM coupon database.  Just scroll down and type in the product you are looking for. {return to top}


How do I organize all these coupons?

There are so many ways to organize coupons.   Check out these three options:


Where do I find coupons?

Check out this Where to Find Coupons article it is a good starting point. {return to top} {return to top}


My newspapers are expensive! Where do I find coupon inserts at the most reasonable price?

You can check your local dollar store and see if they sell the Sunday newspaper.  That’s a good place to start.  Often times your local newspaper will offer subscriptions at a very low cost, sometimes less than $1 per week. {return to top}


How do I tell the difference between a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon?

Here  is a great article showing you how to tell if you have a manufacturer coupon or store coupon. {return to top}


What does it mean that a coupon “doubles?”

When a coupon doubles, it means that the store will discount your order the same as what is on the coupon.  Most stores “double” the worth of the coupon up to $1.   For example, if you purchase an item that is $2 and use a $.50 off coupon, the store would take off an additional $.50 and you would get that item for $1.  Doubling policies vary greatly from store to store, even within the same store chain. Please check with your store for details. {return to top}


What does it mean that a store “fully doubles?”

This means that the store will discount your order on any coupon that is $.99 or less, up to $2. For example, you purchase an item that is $2 and use a $.75 off coupon. Your store will take off an additional $.75 and you get that item for $.50. {return to top}


What are some coupon ethics?

A lot of couponing is black and white, but there are gray areas as well.  Some tips to make sure you’re using coupons properly and ethically are:

      • Follow the terms on the coupon itself.  Read the small print.  If it says only use 2 like coupons per transaction, then only use 2 in one transaction.
      • Know the coupon policy at your store before you go. Print  it out and take it with you if necessary.  It’s always a good idea to know if you’re following the rules and to know when your cashier might not be.
      • If it seems like a gray area and it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. You’ll feel better knowing that you are respecting your own morals and values.
      • Under no circumstances may coupons be photocopied.

What does the small print on my coupon mean?

One of the biggest questions about this is what does “one coupon per purchase” mean?    One “purchase” applies to one of the items specified on the coupon, or one set of items specified on the coupon. Be sure to check out understand the terms of coupons here. {return to top}


What is stacking?

Stacking is when you use a store coupon/discount and a manufacturer coupon to purchase one item.  This post here has detailed info  on stacking. {return to top}


What is a double dip?

This happens when one, or several, items qualify for multiple offers.  You would see something like this if you were able to do an instant savings deal and then also qualified for a Catalina OYNO coupon for buying the same items. {return to top}


What is considered a high value coupon?

A high value coupon is a coupon that gives a large discount on a particular item before doubling. {return to top}

What is a catalina?

A catalina is something that prints at the grocery store based on your purchases. You can read more here.

What Mobile Coupon Apps should I sign up for?

Sign up for extra savings with applications like Ibotta, Checkout 51Cartwheel and Shopmium.


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