How Does the Target Cartwheel App Work?

how to use cartwheel

How Does the Target Cartwheel App Work?

If you shop at Target, you may have heard about the Target Cartwheel app.

Here are the answers to some frequenlty asked questions.


How exactly does Cartwheel work?

  • Log in to Cartwheel on your computer, phone or Tablet.
  •  Click on the “Browse” tab and choose a category.  You can sort by newest, trending, or by highest value discount.  Choose up to 10 offers and add them to you list.  A red check appears in the corner of the offer card once a deal has been added.
  •  Once you are ready to make your purchase, click on the “Barcode” tab.  A personalized barcode will appear.  Ask the cashier to scan your barcode.


Can you use Target Cartwheel with coupons?

  • Yes, Target Cartwheel may be used with manufacturer coupons, Target Mobile Coupons and Target printable coupons. 
  • Target Cartwheel offers are deducted BEFORE manufacturer coupons and AFTER Target Coupons
  • The offer may be used on (4) of the same item, in the same shopping trip.
  • A Target Cartwheel offer may be used only once.



  • Offers change daily and some offers may be limited.  If you are interested in an offer, add it to your barcode. You can remove it later.
  • Use the in store barcode reader to determine if an item has an offer instore.  To access this, click on the little barcode at the top of the app.  Once you do that, a barcode reader will appear.  Scan the item to see if there are available offers.

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  • Judy

    How do you earn more openings for offers?

  • Jillian

    You must have Facebook to use this, correct?

  • caitie

    Plus if you don’t have a smart phone, just print the bar code once- you can add and delete offers online and it’ll apply to your barcode, no reprint necessary!

  • Jenn

    I’m an avid cartwheel user and wanted to tell you that you can use each cartwheel offer up to 4 times. If you purchase 5 items in an offer and the barcode is scanned once for that transaction, it is considered one use; you will still have 3 more scans/uses left for that product or offer. This information is from a combination of my own experience as well as a video I watched before I used cartwheel.

    • Emily

      This is incorrect. You can apply 1 Cartwheel barcode per transaction, so you and a friend can’t each use your Cartwheel app on the same transaction. The discount will apply to 4 items, so if you purchase 5, one item will be full priced. You are limited to 6 Cartwheel transactions per day until the offer expires.