How to Organize Your Coupons: File Method

file method.jpg

The file by insert method is a quick way to organize your coupons.  To get started, you will need file folders, a marker/crayon, hanging folders and some sort of filing cabinet.


You can choose to use a portable filing box or a real filing cabinet.

Step 1: Organize inserts into piles by type, i.e Smart Source, Red Plum, General Mills, Proctor & Gamble. If there are two inserts that week for each type, sort individually.




Step 2: Write on the front of the insert in crayon or other non permeable marker the date of the insert. (Note do not write in sharpie, because it will go through to the inserts)




Step 3: Write on the front of a file folder the number of inserts in the folder by type.

  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP= Red Plum
  • GM= General Mills
  • PG= Proctor  & Gamble




Step 4: Put sorted inserts in file and file away.





Once your inserts are filed away, you will be able to look by insert.  For example, this coupon says it is in the 6/19 RP – you would go to the file that is dated 6/19 RP and pull the coupon you need:



:: You can quickly organize your inserts.

:: Doesn’t require clipping of all your coupons.

:: Makes it very easy to use blog coupon matchups.

:: Easily discard your coupons when they expire.

:: You can easily use the coupon database to locate coupons.


Disadvantages :

:: May not be able to bring coupons to the store with you.

:: You may not be as familiar with all the coupons you have.

:: You may miss out on unadvertised store deals.

:: Requires larger storage area if using a file cabinet.

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