How To Organize Your Coupons: Hybrid Method



If you are looking for something in between the File and Binder Method, here is the method you may want to consider!


Reader Kelly’s Hybrid Binder


This method combines the best of the Binder Method and File Method. I will warn you, it ends up being a very large binder, but does cut down on the time it takes to put organize the coupons.

For this method you will need a large binder and sheet protectors and tabs.


Step 1: Separate inserts by pages.  Put insert pages into individual sheet protectors. Note: Each page of the insert will have its own sheet protector.



Step 2: Put pages into the binder by insert.

Step 3: Add tabs to the binder with date and insert type.

This method will allow you to have the ability to flip through your coupons, but not spend as much time organizing them. You could take your  binder with you and keep it in the car. I leave mine in the car and use the coupon database on my phone to find a coupon if needed.


:: You can quickly organize your inserts.

:: Doesn’t require clipping of all your coupons.

:: Makes it very easy to use blog coupon matchups.

:: Easily discard your coupons when they expire.

:: You can easily use the coupon database to locate coupons.


Disadvantages :

:: May not be able to bring coupons to the store with you.

:: You may not be as familiar with all the coupons you have.

:: You may miss out on unadvertised store deals.

:: Can become big and bulky.

Other Methods

There are many other ways to organize your coupons.  Some people prefer an option that is already put together for them.  You can check out Many Coupon Organizers  here.



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