Kroger Coupon Policy

Kroger Coupon Policy 2013

Updated 2/14/13

Not sure what the Kroger Coupon Policy is?

See the details below:

Printable Coupon Policy

  • Kroger has a national printable coupon policy as outlined here.
  • We can only accept print-at-home coupons if they scan properly at checkout.
  • We will generally not accept “FREE product” (no purchase required) print-at-home coupons
  • Coupons will be rejected if they appear distorted or blurry, altered in any way, or are obvious duplicates.
Double Coupon Policy
  • In most of the other locations, manufacturer coupons of $0.50 or less will be doubled every day. Manufacturer coupons over $.50 will be redeemed for face value.
  • In a limited number of stores, coupons valued at $.50-$.99 are doubled to $1.00.
* Please check your store for their policy
Digital Coupon Policy
  • Kroger does not permit customers to stack e-coupons with paper manufacturer coupons.
  • A limit of 150 coupons can be loaded per household at one time


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  • Renee

    Was wondering if I can use 3 like coupons for one flavor and 3 more like coupons for another flavor in the same tranaction

  • Allyson

    Does Kroger acceptable competitor coupons?

  • queeniecouponfreak

    Went to Kroger yesterday in Acworth Ga and they informed me that they are now only taking 5 like coupons for items per day per customer to stop multiple checkouts and buying out the shelves. Generally stinks at this point!!!

    • Chris

      Just beginning coupon usage, Newnan, Ga. I’m having difficulty understanding the lingo. When you say ‘5 like coupons’ is that basically meaning that I can use up to 5 of the same coupon for an item, or do I get 5 ‘like’ items and use 5 coupons. I’ve been reading and one thing I noticed was you can’t stack paper coupons with the online coupons you add too your Kroger card. Just looking for some pointers, would appreciate the help!! :)

      • Anonymous

        I think it depends on the store but at my store it means u can use 5 of the same coupons…target is 4 like coupons on most things and their printables say one per guest… I’m not sure how the stuff is going to work out here as my stores have changed their policies 4 times in 4 months… I try to call and check on the policy b4 I go.

        • Chris

          Well thank you much, that was very helpful!

          • Robert

            If you are in GA the best place i found when i lived there to coupon at was Publix… Their everyday prices are high but if you hit the BOGO sales and use the coupons you very easily rack up free stuff… ahhh… i miss Publix…

    • Anonymous

      Same here in Manhattan KS.

    • Dorrie Taylor

      I was told today by my Kroger store that I can only have 3 -THREE at home printed coupons ,,, I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT… so mad right now …

      • Dorrie Taylor

        I do not see anything saying that only 3 at home printed coupons can be used, called the store and they said that is what they had to start doing ,due to people ripping them off ,by cheating with the printing,, and copying ??

      • Tammy

        I live in Ohio and our kroger’s will only take two printed coupons on a same item per customer per day. In addition they only take 5 manufacture coupons all together per day. I guess I cant complain they still double up to .99 but im just starting to coupon and getting in the game by the time I get it all figured out im sure they won’t double or stop taking paper printed coupons all together.

  • Stephanie

    I personally think all Krogers should double coupons up to $1.00. In GA they only double coupons that are $.50 or less. They are getting the money back anyway.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with the price of items going up based on the retailer should help consumers save money to help our family make ends meet. Most coupons require the purchase of two items now also so the savings isn’t as much as it would be. Kroger please review your policy to double up to .99

      regards loyal customer

  • Stephanie Berryhill

    How do we get a new Kroger card?

    • Anonymous

      you ask…

    • Anonymous

      All you have to do is tell them, at the register, that you do not have one and would like one. They will give you the short form at the register and can start using the card that same day, on that purchase. It’s very easy. They’ll even give you the card and let you fill in the information later, at your own convenience.

    • kroger shopper

      normally you would ask customer service for a replacement card. Then call 1-800-KROGERS and ask to speak with the PLUS CARD center and give the customer rep the phone number associated with the OLD card and explain to them that you need to update the card number due to the old card being lost/stolen/damaged. Normally they can update the info on file and verify all your other data to make sure you are current in their system. They are most helpful.