Is It Worth It to Price Match At Walmart?


Note: I know that many of you do not like Walmart.  However, I want this discussion to be productive. So, for the sake of this post,  “I Hate Walmart” comments will be deleted.

I have received many inquiries about price matching at Walmart since Walmart reiussed the coupon policy in April.  I am not by any stretch an expert on Walmart, so this was an interesting experiment for me.  I went to Walmart to test out a few price matching deals. (see Price Match Policy Here)

Before I go into details of the trip, here are a few things that I am taking into consideration:

  • The closest “real” grocery store is 17 miles from my house.
  • My preferred grocery store is 26 miles from my house.
  • CVS and Walgreens are about 20-25 minutes from my house.
  • The price of gas is approximately $3.99 and my wildebeest of a vehicle gets 12 miles per gallon, 16 miles per gallon on a good day.
  • Walmart is 3.2 miles from my house.

Before I left, I chose 5 things I was going to price match. For this experiment, I chose 5 separate stores to price match with 1 product each.

  • I went to the customer service desk to see if they had a copy of the price match policy (just for fun,because I had my printed policy). I asked them what stores they considered to competitor due to the distance. They did not seem to have an issue with any of the stores ads. {Note: It states that you don’t need an ad for the price match – I highly suggest your bring your ad).
  • When I got to the register, I told the cashier I wanted to price match. She look at me and hesitated for a minute – and said ok.
  • She did ask for the ads. There was one question on an item and I was able to show her the fine print that included my items.
  • She was able to price match all the items I had, including a BOGO sale were the price was listed in the ad.
  • I priced matched fruit without a problem. (the container size just had to match the ad)
  • Overall, it was painless and I saved $8.00 before coupons.

So, my final assessment of Walmart’s Price Match:


  • No need to run around to different stores.
  • Can save money on gas if you don’t have stores close by.
  • If a store runs out of stock, you can price match without having to get a rain check and risking your coupon expiring.
  • Some stores do not allow internet printable coupons, this would allow you to use internet coupons.
  • Walmart is offering overage on coupons.
  • Walmart accepts Buy One, Get One Free internet coupons


  • Walmart does not double coupons.
  • Could be very time consuming.
  • You may have issues with an uneducated manager or cashier.
  • May not be best to do at peak shopping times.
  • Isn’t necessary if you have access to the stores and stock is in.
  • Must take the time to determine if Walmart is a better deal.

Reader Jessa sent me an email with how she strategically shopped at Walmart. She made a spreadsheet and determined what the best price was after coupons. With this, she was able to decide where to buy her items.


Do you price match at Walmart?  What are you thoughts on Walmart’s price matching policy?  Are there any PROS or CONS that I missed?



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