Walmart Price Match

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  • Cheryl

    The first time I heard of Walmarts price match without a flyer was on this site and I thought of my sister who don’t have ad’s, she just looks up the ad’s online, so I told her about Walmart.
    Anyway, one day I was in town on one of my shopping trips (in town is 30 miles away so I wait till I need alot of stuff. Well I was at Walmart thinking that I was too tired to go to all the different stores to get the best prices when I remembered the price match without an ad. So standing back by the milk I called the front desk to ask if they price matched odd items that you can’t really match by brand like milk and eggs, and they said yes. I was excited to try but skeptical. So when I got to the check out I asked to price match Kroger’s milk at 1.99, Aldi’s eggs for .99, and butter for 2.49. Along with some other things the cashier never batted an eye about price matching and I was amazed that it worked, especially the milk, eggs and butter that were a store brand and not a national brand.