Giant Gas Can Policy Update {Please Read}

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I wanted to share this Facebook conversation from reader Rebecca. Please read it. Giant clearly says they HAVE NOT CHANGED their gas can policy. I know there are many rumors circulating – but this is in writing from Giant, so for now, until Giant tells us different, we will include deals using gas cans. The minute they say officially that they are banning gas cans, then we will update accordingly, but please do not discourage other readers or tell us we are wrong. If your Giant is telling you something different, perhaps you should take the same steps as Rebecca – via Facebook or customer service number.

I know changes can cause chaos, but we want to make sure we are providing the most up to date accurate info.

Thanks to Rebecca to clarifying this with Giant.

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  • Cheryl

    Has anyone noticed the fine print under the gas deals section of the flyer that reads “All available Gas Extra Rewards points will be redeemed at the time of the fueling transaction.” Is this new? I never noticed it before. Does that mean that if i have $5.00 off per gallon and gas is $3.75 that I will lose all $5.00? I tried calling corporate, but there was a 15 minute wait to speak with something and that doesn’t work with a 4 month old. Thanks!

    • Natalie

      Hi Cheryl,

      yep this is completely new as of this week. We did a post about it today

      • Cheryl

        ok, so i contacted Giant with this exact question and they said that i would not lose all of my points. here is their response:

        Giant Food Stores: Cheryl, good question. So if you have $5.00 off per gallon and gas is $3.75, 3759 points would be redeemed to give you your free gas and 1241 points would be left on your Bonus Card. The fine print “all available Gas Extra Rewards points will be redeemed at the time of fueling transaction” reflects the expiration dates. For example if 200 points are earned in June and expire at the end of July and 400 points are earned in July and expire at the end of August, the full 600 points would be redeemed when you get gas. You would not be able to just redeem the 200 points earned in June and save the 400 points earned in July. This can be sort of hard to explain over typing, so I apologize if it is confusing! You may be interested in giving the Bonus Card team a call later in the week so they can explain it further over the phone once the calls quiet down. Thank you!

  • Alison vaughth


  • jenn

    Thanks. I am gonna save this In my phone and when they argue with me again then I will have a back up

  • Nikki Bowen

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Renee W.

    Honestly, it would be hard for them to ban gas cans. Gas cans aren’t just for getting all the gallons you want. People have been using gas cans for decades…. helps fill up mowers, boats, etc. Maybe Giant would ban so you can’t get the extra gallons and make you do a separate transaction for gas cans… but good to know that for now, we’ll continue doing what we’ve been doing. Change is definitely hard! PS – Thanks for always keeping us informed!!

    • Shannon

      Yep that is true! It would also be a hard thing to police so to speak.