GIANT: $44.05 Gift Card Moneymaker

visa gift card


There is an ongoing giftcard deal at Giant. You’ll get 4x Extra Bonus Points with the your gift card purchases. This means for every $100.00 spent, you’ll get $.40 off per gallon, up to 25 gallons. These deals are valid the week of 6/29/14.

You can buy a Visa Gift Card but will have to pay an activation fee. The best bet is to buy a Visa gift card at the highest amount your store has. This will mean you will only pay ONE activation fee. You can fill up to 25 gallons, but if you do not get the full 25 gallons, you can calculate your deal here on the FTM Gas Deal Calculator.

If your store has the $500 Visa Cards, you can do this deal:

Visa Giftcard Deal:

Buy Visa Card $500.00 + $5.95 Activation Fee
Pay $505.95
Get $50.00 in gas ($2.00 off in gas x 25 gallons)
$44.05 Moneymaker

Use the Gas Deal Calculator here to figure out your deals!


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  • Joy K

    Yes, I just saw that this deal runs through 7/12. That is the date posted in last weeks ad :-)

  • Kristen

    Is this deal running this week only?

    • Kristen

      Answering my own question: My flier says it runs through July 12!

  • Sandy

    Our flyer only shows the Visa gift cards, and no others, as 4x the points this week. I went in to get one and they were sold out. Customer service desk told me they aren’t getting any more and they aren’t offering a rain check. :-( That stinks because it’s only Tuesday and they are sold out and not restocking. I did email Giant customer service and hopefully they will get back to me. I have emailed before and gotten a positive response to my inquiry.

  • Vanessa Williams

    Do they carry Disney Gift Cards? Never looked. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    I’m planning to buy an Amazon gift card– will I get points for that this week, too? Sorry if that’s a stupid question– I usually skip these deals with my 10 gallon gas tank, but I need to buy the gift card anyway, so… !

    • Natalie

      Hi Sarah,

      The only exclusion listed is Giant. You could check with customer service first just to be sure.

  • Bonnie in PA

    Saw a display of Visa giftcards in Trexlertown this deal will be going on till the middle of July. Sorry no picture.

  • jenn

    Didn’t you see starting this week it is no longer 30 gallons. It is now down to 25 gallons and it is one vehicle fill up which means no more gas cans :(