The Viva Diva Papertowel Giveaway

Viva Papertowels

My favorite paper towels are definitely Viva.  I always save the Viva for cooking. My favorite use of the paper towels is to for soaking up grease off of food. I seriously use a paper towel for each slice of pizza I eat.  I know that sounds funny, but the cheaper paper towels just don’t soak the grease up!

The unmatched softness of Viva paper towels distinguishes them from other paper towels. Families are eating in more and are enjoying their time together due to the economy. It’s essential to have that perfect paper towel that’s good for preparing food and cleaning up the messy eating. I also think they are also more sturdy than other towels. My son tends to spill (ALOT).

I always get excited when I see these on a good sale at Acme.

VIVA  Towels and Food Network’s Sunny Anderson have partnered up for the Get Closer to Your Food campaign. I am not sure if you have watched her cook, but she is a good, down home cook. I have only tried a few of her recipes, but they always look scrumptious!  I just posted a mozzarella and tomato recipe that she does. It is delicious.

Sunny Anderson

You should definitely check out the Viva website HERE for great recipes.  You can grab a coupon for Viva papertowels HERE and HERE.


One lucky For the Mommas reader is going to win 12 rolls of papertowels. Simply leave a comment why you like Viva towels!

Rules: Open to U.S. Residents, 18 years & Older. Giveaway ends12/06/09 at 11:59pm. Winner will be notified via email. Winner is responsible for responding within 72 hours or a new winner will be picked. The email will come from: Please make sure this is marked as a non spam email.

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  • jared

    I love viva paper towels because they do a great job with only having to wipe the mess one time

  • ziner

    You can always count on Viva paper towels to get the job done…and when you have as messy of a child and as many pets as I do–that really counts for something!

  • wendy heflbyower

    I know that you have already picked the winner, but here’s the thing….
    viva is the best papertowel for picking up and soaking up…. ready for this….cat throwup…I can pick the clumps up AND soak up any liquids….
    and yes, my YODA is the culprit!

  • I like the thickness of the Viva paper towels. I use less to clean up a mess, hence they last longer and save me money!

  • Sabrina Lawrence

    I like Viva towels the most as they are more absorbent!

  • I go through so many paper towels its not funny i really need to win this one. Viva is the best!!!!!!!

  • SD

    I love how soft Viva papertowels are.

  • Jen

    Love Viva too. They’re so soft, strong and absorbent!

  • Nan

    My Mother turned me onto these. They’re strong and soft. I haven’t seen another that comes close!

  • Jenny

    These are so soft! Pick me! :-)

  • polly

    they really get the job done! they don’t fall apart!

  • Rose Gabaldon

    Viva paper towels are soft & yet get the job done with fewer towels. We use them all the time in my household.

  • Tara

    Viva paper towels are great for messy spills my boys leave behind- they are my favorite brand of paper towel!

  • Andrea Watts

    I love Viva towels because they are such a bargain for what they do. We go through a lot of paper towels but Viva works best.

  • kersten larson

    soft and strong, great combo…

  • I love that they are so durable and hold up

  • Sharon A…

    I do love when they go on sale…

  • Tricia Quillman

    I love Viva they are soft!

  • gozde rona

    They are super soft like cotton.

  • Melissa Agelson

    Viva paper towels are great because they do not tear and you can count on them for all those messy jobs.

  • Ysenia Ramirez

    I love the way they feel, you can blow your nose with these.

  • Lara Sanders

    I love them. My mother got me started on them telling me how well they worked.

  • Kathy F

    I love Viva paper towels as they are soft and make clean up easy. They are very affordable.

  • LOVE Viva paper towels!! They’re so much sturdier than other towels – and super soft – so whether my son grabs one to wipe up a spill, or wipe his mouth – I know it’s going to be soft…either way!!

  • Nancy

    I love that Viva Towels are so very soft and at the same time so absorbent !

  • Lorie Bowden

    I’ve never tried Viva, but with all the great comments I’ve read I really would like to try them. What better way to try them than FREE!!!!

  • Andrea J.

    I love viva towels because they’re strong and soft enough to scrub lollipop off my little one’s faces!

  • Laura

    I like that one can usually get the job done rather than 3 or 4 of the other brands.

  • Cathy

    I really like how soft they are, it’s like using a soft cloth instead of a rough paper towel.

  • We are all trying to conserve and these help with that. A thick, absorbent towel helps you stretch your dollar further by only using one for each need. Thank-you Viva!

  • I have never tried Viva paper towels but LOVE to try new things – who knows…maybe I’ll become a die-hard fan like you!

  • Sarah

    I’ve been thinking about trying Viva, but haven’t yet. I’d love the opportunity to try them!

  • debbie bodoh

    I like them because they are strong and work well…thanks!

  • charlene

    I love Viva towels because they are not as rough as other paper towels and yet they are still very absorbent.

  • natalie

    These are my favorite too! They feel so much like a towel and they are so easy on my dry hands! Love them!

    Natalie O.

  • I use Viva to get the extra moisture out of my salad or pasta while in the strainer, also great for sifting my flour onto then pouring right into the bowl. Love to cook and bake-love great products!

  • Christy B.

    I’d love to win this stash of paper towels! I like that they’re “heavy duty” and one goes a lot farther than the cheap ones.

  • Cyndy

    I have never tried them but am loving all of the great things I’m reading about them here…especially their sturdiness and absorbency.

  • Tess Eubanks

    These are the greatest papertowels! I would recommend them to anyone! Great value!

  • Joyce

    I have little kids and Viva really help a lot with spills and mess in the kitchen.

  • Melissa

    I have toddlers that seem to spill everything on the floor and Viva is the only paper towel that I only have to use one sheet to clean up the mess

  • Anne G

    I like Viva because they don’t fall apart as you use them like the cheap store brand paper towels.

  • Beverly Pelletier

    I hear Viva paper towels are the softest. Would love to give them a try.

  • Sharon

    Viva paper towels are so SOFT! Love them!

  • Aimee

    I like Viva papertowels because they are so soft!

  • I love Viva! I can rinse and reuse on my 2 toddlers little faces and it’s soft to the touch for their sensitive skin.

  • Ellen C.

    I like Viva towels because they work and they’re affordable. Thanks for the chance.

  • Annie

    I like how soft Viva paper towels are – they have a nice, smooth texture that is nice for cleaning messy baby faces with.

  • I love viva paper towels, because you don’t need as many to get a job done! They last forever compared to other brands!

  • I could be a spokesman for Viva Paper towels. They are truly the best paper towels out there on the market today. They are soft, durable, and they get the job done. They truly are a disposable wash rag.

  • Jenn

    I like them most for the texture..they feel most like real towels.

  • Lynda C

    I have been using Viva for years now–they are my fav because they are so soft and don’t really feel like a paper towel.

  • Cortney

    I love Viva paper towels because they are SOFT and STRONG!

  • Robin Baker

    I love Vive because it is so absorbant and then are tough. They can be used for anything.

  • Sara Jane

    I really love the Viva paper towels for cleaning up my 2 little one’s messy hands and faces after eating and craft time (not to mention the table, floor, walls…). Viva always has great coupons out, and have real scrubbing power!

  • Carol

    I LOVE Viva because I usually can find a good coupon for them, and they are the most absorbent on the market.

  • Viva is so strong! You can rinse the towel and use it again and again. My mother got me started on Viva towels. I lost her two days after Christmas 2002.
    I have regrets and memories.


  • Sean

    Softness & Absorbance.

  • Yan

    Viva is the most durable paper towel I ever used.

  • Katie

    I like them because they’re sturdy

  • Christy

    They are soft, yet sturdy.

  • Ethel

    I love viva because not only they are soft and does the job well on cleaning up but I can get it cheap with coupons! (love the .75 off coupon!)

  • GG

    I love the softness of Viva paper towels!!

  • We used to get tons of free Viva when my husband worked for the makers of Viva….but now that he doesn’t, I long for good deals on these great towels. They are the strongest most absorbant towels out there.

  • Snoogums

    Hubby uses Viva for heavy-duty clean and toss in the garage.

  • Judy

    I like them because they are soft enough to wipe a child’s face and strong enough to clean up yukky messes.

  • Dee

    They are great to use for cleaning and for use in the microwave…no lint!

  • Erica

    I love to use them to wipe up my toddler’s messes after snacks and meals!

  • Bekka

    They’re durable. That is important when you have two messy boys (one big one and one little one).

  • Kathy Rambousek

    I like their softness.

  • Donna

    I like Viva paper towels the best because they don’t fall apart when they get wet.

  • Faith

    I have never tried viva paper towels, but after hearing all these comments I would love to!! I am always on the lookout for a sturdy and absorbent paper towel! :)

  • Erin

    I think they are the thickest, softest paper towels available. Love them!

  • Mami2jcn

    I like how strong and absorbent they are!

  • Heather Thurston

    Love Viva paper towels! They are soft, absorbent, and a great price.

  • I love Viva towels because they are very absorbent!

  • Jessie C.

    Viva towel has the best quality among all in the market!

  • They are soooooo soft and my kids love using them. They are extra special in our house. Thank you for entering me.

  • Penny

    My sister swears by these and I’d love to win this for her!!!

  • I know they will do the job every time!

  • Bonnie Parks

    I like Viva paper towels because they are soft and strong and have a great price

  • Vicki Ellis

    They are thick and absorbant!

  • Kathy T

    Always can use more papertowels!!!!1

  • Kristin O.

    I heart Viva! They are soft like a tissue, but durable and strong. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • windi

    With my 7mth old little man, paper towels are a must have! I would use him to clean up the mess while following him to new discoveries!

  • Lisa

    I love Viva paper towels, because they are thick and absorbant! And, they are durable enough to rinse and reuse!

  • Stacie

    Obviously, I have been missing out. I do not think I have ever used Viva before. I guess I am going to have to get some. I mostly use paper towels to clean my glass top stove. If they are really that soft, I will use them on my four-year old.

  • I am not sure why my comment only took the first 2 characters. I adore Viva for their softness, durability & the fact that they soak everything up lickety split.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I )

  • Katie Panike

    I love Viva paper towels! I love how soft they are!

  • Suzette Stock

    Hands down the best paper towels on the market. I have 3 large dogs including a Great Dane. He druels a lot.

  • They really are durable!

  • Tiffany

    They’re durable.

  • Natalie

    I love how thick and absorbent they are!

  • Michelle

    Soft and absorbent!

  • Lauren

    Most often…wiping my toddlers dirty hands and face!

  • Melissa F

    I love VIVA for the price!

  • I love how well they wipe up my baby’s messes!

  • Robin

    I love how sturdy Viva Towels are. I can rely on them to get tough cleaning jobs done!

  • Katirna

    I like Viva towels because they are nice and thick compared to store brand. My fiance is always making a mess!

  • Diana

    There are very soft and clean up the mess/spill with one paper towel.

  • Peter

    They really get the mess clean with one towel

  • Lauren

    They feel super soft unlike stiff other brands

  • Melissa Nunley

    I love that they soak up everything!

  • Michelle

    Why do I like Viva?? It is the best! I use it for clean up, coasters, put one under my girls’ snacks (sandwiches, chips, etc.), use it for cleaning windows, geez, I could go on…I clean several houses on the side and I have converted these households to Viva…they haven’t regretted it!


    I love the texture too!

  • Karen Sellers

    I love the texture of them! They do a great job!

  • I like them because they come in the smaller tearable sheets. I don’t always need to waste an entire sheet of paper. That way I throw away less a month and save myself some money at the same time.

  • these are great for cleaning up kitchen messes to even wiping up a runny nose thanks for making them and don’t stop.

  • Jamie Gramley

    I like them b/c they feel like a real cotton cloth, not disposable like other papertowels.

  • I like that they are soft enough to wipe off the mess on my daughters face.

  • bucksaver

    I would love to win these towels as they are my favorite, too! They are especially good for cleaning windows and mirrors.

  • Melissa Cox

    I recently purchased Viva papertowel for the first time with a coupon I had. I was immediately surprised by the thinkness and softness of them. They are definelty a heavy duty paper towel.

  • Erin

    I like them because they are strong, but soft at the same time!

  • Jen

    I like them because they really are cloth-like- soft and durable!

  • I LOVE Viva Towels because they feel so nice and soft

  • Jamie

    I love how strong Viva towels are!

  • Krista Paul

    The softness is really what’s key in a paper towel and Viva is soft.

  • Becca

    They are the only paper towels that are soft yet strong enough to clean up my twin toddlers messes!

  • Tara P.

    I’ve never tried Viva paper towels before, but I would love to find out if they’re worth paying a little extra! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Viva paper towels are the BEST. Practically the only ones I buy anymore. They’re strong enough to clean up messes on countertops and even carpeted floors (!), yet soft enough to use on my baby’s face after he’s finished eating, er…making a mess! ;)

  • Jen

    I’ve never tried Viva but it sounds like I should!

  • Steph Winningham

    It makes the “Don’t cry over spilled milk” an easy reality! Even my three year old can pick up his spilled milk completely and feel like he did a job well done!

  • Jessica N

    They’re great because they’re so thick.

  • Lisa W

    You can’t beat the softness.

  • Jess

    Like the because of the price… and the name. Viva is just a cool name for a paper towel!! :)

  • erika hernandez

    They are super absorbent and very affordable!

  • Jackie Griebel

    They are thick and actually pick up liquid without leaking.

  • Jane

    I personally save the Viva towel for picking up pet messes because I know my hands wont get full of the cat or dog throwup or our cats hairballs! Gross.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!

  • I love Viva paper towels!… It’n not really fair to call them ‘paper’ since they’re so soft and durable! They last so long that I’d be set forever with 12 rolls!!!

    *crossing my fingers*

  • Claire

    I love these paper towels! They are the best on the market because they’re strong and soft, and they are excellent at wiping up messes.

  • Bree

    I love these towels because they’re so darn soft, yet absorbent. Best of all they have Box Tops for Cay’s school!

  • Shauna

    Viva is my favorite brand as well. They’re SO soft and I love the rolls that allow me to use just half of one as opposed to a full towel. This feature has probably saved me at least a couple of extra rolls during the year!

  • lori

    I love them… i have a daycare in my home and go thru paper towels like crazy and use to buy the cheapos but i was using them so much and just wasting money–now i use these and i am not using the whole roll in one day it seems–i have always like these with or without coupons

  • Tassie

    I LOVE Viva paper towels. I think they are great for every task . They are tough enough to clean up every spill but still soft enough to wipe little tears or little noses.

  • Tiffany S

    Papertowels are a mom’s best friend! Viva rocks!

  • norma

    they are soo soft and they are not bulky with alot of air packed in the package. paper towels is what you get not a bulky roll of papertowels and they work like no other, like a real towel when you are drying dishes, the quality is very good and does not rip easy.

  • Kristin M

    I love Viva because they feel super sturdy – and really soak up spills, without going through the other side all over your hands!!

  • Dina

    I have never used Viva, but would like to try. I don’t like the ‘cheap’ paper towels either.

  • candice

    My e-mail was wrong.. now its right.. sorry!




  • candice

    I like them because they are very strong.. I have a friend that makes babywipes out of them.. the cheapy ones take three or four to clean up a mess. Not Viva.. Love them..

  • i like how soft they are!

  • Allyson Lewis

    They are very soft and durable.

  • Bernadette

    they are *so* absorbant!

  • Amy R

    i, too, use VIVA for everything! they are soft enough to be used as kleenex, they are absorbant to clean up spills, they are effective to be used in general cleaning… and the best part, they don’t fall apart like most paper towels!

    yay! i’m excited about this giveaway. free paper towels is always nice.

  • Jenny

    They are super soft and strong!

  • Kristen

    I love how thick and soft they are!

  • Lisa

    They actually get all the mess up in 1 towel!!

  • I’ve never tried them but I would love to!

  • sue

    I like it because it is very soft.

  • Greta

    I use them ALL the time with my daughter! They are the softest on little faces! I even used them for bottle feedings instead of a burp cloth!

  • julie jenkins

    These are by far the best!!!!!!!

  • Rachael

    I love their softness, which makes them user friendly when cleaning up messy babies!

  • These are the only paper towels I buy and I have finally converted my Hubby. He would always buy whatever cheap brand. Now he see’s (Or He Hears it from Me…lol..) that once you dry your hand with one of those you might as well just toss it, as that’s all you get from those others.
    These Viva’s are great!!! You can scrub your stove with these, rinse and scrub again & again… Or counters or windows or…the baby…lol. They also do Not have these paper towel fly aways that get left behind on your glass.
    Great paper cloth towel!!!

  • Stephanie James

    Viva is the best. It works well at cleaning people, counters and whatever else needs to good wipe. I love them!!!

  • Barbara

    Viva paper towels are great. They are a little on the expensive side so thanks for the links to the coupons (but they are worth every penny). I prefer Viva paper towels over all the other brands.

  • Angie

    I use VIVA paper towels to make my own baby wipes. They’re the softest and the strongest! Love them! Wouldn’t dare consider using something else!

  • misty

    I’m with you. I LOVE Viva. It’s funny to say I have a favorite paper towel but it’s absolutely Viva. I like that they’re so soft and thick.

  • Sandra Rogge

    I like that they absorb and don’t break up.

  • Marta

    I just have one word for it “GREAT”…!

  • Stevie

    I use these paper towels not only because they are one of the few brands who offer good coupons but because they work. I use them to clean up my 2 yr olds and our dogs messes!

  • Christina

    I love the way they feel… so soft! :)

  • This may sound silly, but we use them for baby wipes. They are so soft and absorbs like no other!

  • Tracy

    With a full house like ours (husband and me, 3 kids and 1 new puppy), I have gone through every paper towel out there and hands down, Viva wins our vote – 1 towel absorbs so much. I am potty training my 3 year old and a new puppy – and there have been lots of accidents to wit, Viva has been here to help. These would be a blessing to win!

  • Teresa

    I love Viva because they are so soft and they clean up using just one!

  • Alyson Githiga

    Really thick and soft! Great for my son who loves to throw his food!

  • Anna

    they are so soft and thick, wonderful brand!

  • Becky

    Viva paper towels are great. They last so much longer than any other brand. My husband is the one who got me hooked on them!

  • I like them because they feel like cloth towels. We use cloth napkins, so I prefer this feel. I would love to win VIVA papertowels! With a 15 month old toddler, paper towels are wonderful!

  • Linda G.

    These paper towels are great cause they don’t seem to fall apart doing the things that you need them to.

  • Cassidy

    I like that they are so soft to wipe my kiddos sensitive faces and hands.

  • Melissa Rains

    These are the softest and thickest papertowels. Love them!!

  • Hi, I LOVE these paper towels!!! You feel like you are using a washcloth, but the best part is you can toss it in the trash.

  • def my fav too. they feel like kitchen clothes and not paper towels. love!

  • lizmarie

    Please enter me. We go through so many paper towels at our hpuse.

  • mindyg

    Any paper towel that is durable enough to clean up my toddler after a meal is A+ in my book!

  • VIVA are by far the best paper towels around. They are great for cooking, but also…..when cleaning windows/mirrors, I don’t have to use nearly as many because they are so strong!

  • Christy

    LOVE Viva because they are some of the toughest/thickest paper towels around. Oh, how I would love to win 12 rolls! :) I would be in paper towel heaven. Thank you for this fantastic offer!!!

  • Judy W

    The are so absorbent!

  • Alison

    I love how absorbent they are! They can pick up so much!

  • They clean up our heavy spills

  • Jenny

    Viva towels can be used on so many jobs. They are awesome, you only need one and can be used again and again!

  • LP

    They are wonderful, high-quality paper towels. Great to have around with little kids!

  • Jami

    I love that viva paper towels are so soft. I can use a paper towel to wipe my kids messy faces instead of using wipes!

  • I’ve only ever used Viva as a sample I received in the mail – I was shocked at how much they felt like towels! I would purchase them myself, but unfortunately I always have higher-value coupons for other brands. I would love to win them because they really are a better product in my opinion!

  • Marilyn Gift

    I like Viva towels because they are softer, more like cloth than cheaper ones!

  • angela

    I’ve always used Viva paper towles ! I love how thick and soft they are!

  • Bianca T.

    I love the softness!

  • Heidi

    I really like that they are softer and stronger than other brands. They hold up to my toughest messes!

  • Kelly

    I love the viva brand paper towels they are so soft.

  • jenny

    I love Viva towels because they are really thick and last longer because of this. Well worth the price!

  • Katie

    We use Viva everyday! With 2 big dogs and an 8 month old, they come in handy!

  • Abby

    I just tried these for the first time and you’re right – I used them to soak the grease up after frying bacon and used half as many as I normally do!

  • KT

    I love them because they last! I even split one sheet in half for my little girls, get them slightly damp for dinner, and it’s like having a wet nap for them!! Double duty!

  • Christina

    They clean up wet messes so well and they NEVER fall apart!

  • sherry

    Great for wet jobs. Thanks


    Viva are great paper towels with some multi uses in our house. Durable to wash up a couple of dishes but soft enough to wash ‘little’ faces and hands. Love them, thanks for the links to some coupons.

  • Lisa

    These paper towels work so well at our house since we have an almost 2 year old daughter, 2 collies, and 3 cats we need a durable and strong paper towel and this is def. it!

  • Susan

    I love when you can clean up with one swipe! Other paper towels you always need a bunch of them to do the same job….

  • Emily

    I use lots of wet paper towels for cleaning my children after they eat. Lots of brands rip when I get them wet and try to use them – not Viva! They’re very strong!