Learn to Coupon Series Update



Back in April, I planned this Learn to Coupon Series.  I had all the topics outline and thought it would make for a nice summer series – reading at your leisure. While most of what I have posted still applies, there have been some big changes in the “couponing world”.

I wasn’t planning on some of the changes that happened:

:: Three major stores, Rite Aid, Target & Dollar General changed their coupon policy. These coupon policy changes really do make a big difference.

:: There are rumors of major grocery chains updating their coupon policies like Publix did in June.  One of them includes a store that is a big part of the deals on FTM.

:: The new coupon barcodes became effective July 1st.  This has started to cause some issues at stores that were not ready. I had no idea that the secondary bar codes were going to disappear. We are now seeing just one barcode on some coupons – like this:

These barcodes are not scanning at some stores and the stores just won’t accept them.  Remember, the old barcodes started with a 5 or 9.

So, all the sudden, I don’t feel like such an expert anymore.  Rather than publish posts that I had written two months ago that are already outdated, I need to regroup.  All these changes are making it hard for everyone to keep up.

I promise the series will be back shortly – as soon as I am educated enough to educate you!


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