Girls Getaway Retreat

jet plane

I’m leavin’ on a jet plane. Don’t know when I will be back again.

Ok, not really. I just like to sing that song.

BUT, I am going on a girls getaway retreat  with my best blogging buddy, Devon (you know her as Mama Cheaps.) I am excited, as you know I am a hard working Momma.

I cook, I clean, I blog, I teach, did I mention I clean?  I deserve some rest.

Then again, all of us Mommas work really hard and deserve a little break from the day to day.

So when Country Inn & Suites asked if I would be interested in taking a retreat to New York City location, I had to say YES!  They are providing me a great room to rest in NYC.

Country Inn & Suites has crafted these Women’s Weekday Retreats to encourage busy moms to take the time to relax, rejuvenate, and indulge. From spa appointments, shopping and lunch, to a yoga class or a beautiful walk in the park before savoring a glass of wine with dinner, they have hand-picked cities and activities that will allow you to unplug and reconnect – with your girlfriends or your spirit.

So I am leavin’ in my car. Headed to Country Inn & Suites!


The only catch is, I need to make a resolution to take some time off for myself. As a Mom, this is very hard to do! I can’t just pick up and go. It is just about impossible.

With a little help from my mother and father in law and my friend Carolann, I am able to getaway.(Thanks Grammy, Pa & CA)

It just took me putting myself first. I know, hard for all of us to do. I need this break. Wait, I deserve this break. So while I am gone (Tuesday night and Wednesday)I have prepared some content for you, but if I am behind on the deals, know that I am limiting  my posting to just a few hours!

I am going to wonder aimlessly do some sight seeing in NYC. Just relaxing.. no email, no phone calls,  no laptop…just the concrete jungle and my camera. I may even have wine with lunch GASP! I can’t wait to have dinner, shop and catch a show in NYC.  When I get back, I will tell you all about it!

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