Toys R Us: No Manufacturer Coupons???

I recently posted a great buy on Hasbro games at Toys R Us.   I have heard from many of you that your Toys R Us is not accepting manufacturer coupons. Some of you have called corporate and been told that they are no longer accepting manufacturer coupons. I decided to call for myself to find out. I called twice and got two separate answers – No, we do not accept any manufacturer coupons and  Yes, we will accept manufacturer coupons.

This seems to be a problem. With the upcoming holiday season and great Hasbro Toy Coupons like the ones here, we have a problem if there is not a definitive answer.  I don’t want to post deals that leave you fustrated – but I also don’t want everyone to miss out on great deals.

I am hoping to get a definitive answer from Toys R Us. I would love to hear if you have experienced this lately or if you were able to use your coupons. Seems silly in this economy not to accept the incentives from toy companies.

More to come…

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