New Weis Markets Coupon Policy Effective 1/11/18

New Weis Markets Coupon Policy

Hello everyone!  I love when I can give you GOOD coupon news!  Effective tomorrow, 1/11/17, there is a New Weis Markets Coupon Policy in effect.  Previously the bulk of Weis stores only doubled items up to $1.00.  Starting tomorrow, Weis stores will double everything fully up to $.99.  Meaning a $.75 coupon will double to $1.50.  A $.99 coupon will double to $1.98.  Anything $1.00 and over will be face value.

The change is printed on the back of the Weis ad for sales starting 1/10 and several readers have called Weis to confirm as well.  This is great news for Weis couponers (and lessens the sting of the change in gas points, well at least for me!)

If your store previously only doubled up to $1.00 try out the new policy this week and post in the comments below your store name/location and whether the new policy worked for your shopping trip.

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  • amy

    Well…tried at the Weis in Gilbertsville PA today & the coupons are still only doubling up to $1.00. My .75 cents off coupons only doubled up to $1, bummer. Hoping this will change???

    • Debbie

      It will change. It appears that all of the computer systems are not updated.

      • amy

        Thanks Debbie! I’ll post here when I test it out again in a few days.

  • Megan

    My Weis says that this will not go into affect until Monday, January 15, due to all computers needing to be updated.

    • Debbie

      That may be your specific store. The Corporate announcement was effective the 11th. I personally tested this today and the change was in place.

  • Paige Formicone

    What is the change in the gas points policy?

    • Debbie

      You now get 1 point for every dollar you spend, however, you know need to earn 100 points to get 10 cents off a gallon. It is the program as Giant has in place if you are familiar with that program. Its good news if your purchases are generally small at Weis, but for those of us the do most of our shopping there, it means less points.

  • Nancy Reese

    Oh my, this is definitely some awesome news! I am so happy. I loved shopping Weis but this makes me love it even more. Our store never did this and I always wished they would so this makes me so very happy to hear. I am looking forward to my next shopping trip this weekend.

  • amy

    YAY!!! So happy to learn about this change, I’ll be shopping at Weis more for sure! Will they still double the first 4 coupons or has that changed?

    • Debbie

      They are still doubling the first 4 coupons! Fingers crossed that never changes, or if it does it increases! :)