Updated Giant Gas Points Rewards Information


I have received many emails in regards to the Giant gas rewards points. Unfortunately,  Giant has indicated that this the permanent change to their gas points.  They have confirmed this on their Facebook page. So no more gas bonus point deals at Giant (as far as we can tell from Giant’s response).

From Giant Facebook page: This is a change to the program. As a business, we are always reviewing our programs and promotions and sometimes we make changes to them as we have done with this program. Once again, we will be sure to share your feedback with our management.

I am sad that the SCR is ending at Rite Aid, now the gas point at Giant.

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  • DianeReeling

    The most rewarding savings for shopping at the greatest store

  • Anonymous

    No more martins for me either, gas was the only reason for me, for they are more expensive

  • mary

    Yes Giant you made a BIG mistake changing the gas points. That was the only reason I shopped there. Well back to Wal-Mart to price match.

  • Robert

    Yeah this stinks for us bargain-hunters. It’s been just over 2 years since I had to pay for gas at the pump – been milking the Giant gas points for all they’re worth. Oh well. Anyone wanna buy some gas cans? LOL!

  • Jamee

    My poor stockpile, getting to the point where I can’t even afford the great “deals” out there anymore. Am I out of my mind, or are the deals getting fewer and far between, and the coupons not nearly as good? Giant gas points were my #1 shopping trip every week! Boo! Weis is next door, and they double up to 4 coupons, here I come..boo!

    • Sharon

      Jamee, I’ve been couponing only 2 years, but I agree with you the deals and qs are not as good. Personally, I think that crazy couponing TV show has ruined it along with some stories in local papers. Yep, boo!

  • Jen

    Ugh. I just have to add to what you all are saying and vent about how disappointed I am at this change. Boo hoo. I have totally not been motivated to go to Martins (Giant) since we lost bonus points. I wonder how this will affect their overall viability as a business? I’m sure they’re trying to cut losses, but it doesn’t make me any happier.

  • Sheila

    Well, huh. Guess I won’t be doing much shopping there anymore. Especially since their one manager hates me for some unknown reason and I never know when I am going to have to deal with her. (All the other employees are super nice.)

  • carrie

    Oh no. I guess this will be the same at stop and shop? ugh.

  • Sharon

    Oh nooooo! I think I’ll go beat my head on a wall!! I’m sorta wondering if their explanation about small families and single people wasn’t nothing but a bunch of hoopla. I sometimes had to wonder who the folks were that chose the items to go in the bonus points groups! Come on! Buy 4 twenty-nine cent nail clippers and get $6 back in gas and allow the buyer to do it up to ten times!? They just might have begun hurting a bit.

    • Shelley

      What have i missed. COuld someone please update me on the change to the giant gas points??

      • For the Mommas

        They are no longer doing gas bonus points, where you buy say 6 items and get 200 bonus points.

  • Grace

    This really really stinks! I will be shopping at other stores now since the main reason I did my shopping at Giant was because of the extra gas points deals that they had. :(

    • Anonymous

      I won’t be shopping there anymore…the ONLY reason I did was for the gas points…UUGGHHH…the thought of paying full price for my gas makes me insane!

  • Holly


  • Kristin

    This definitely kills my giant (martin’s) shopping. It was the only reason I could find to shop there for the last year or so. Bummer!

  • SherrieB

    SO confusing that they have built a brand new Giant here WITH a gas station a block away from the old one only to kill the gas points. I was told by Giant employees that the gas points was one of the ways they made money…so strange.

    • For the Mommas

      well they still have gas points.. just not bonus points.

  • Maria

    I haven’t shopped at Giant the last few weeks. Guess I won’t be going back, I shop at shoprite now since they double 4 like coupons upto .99 cents. I do hate losing the gas deals

  • Lisa

    This is a shame! I emailed Giant awhile back and asked them if they were changing it over, and the response I got was that they were testing it in certain areas. I don’t like this…and I don’t really understand how the new way works either. I know you posted about it before, I’ll do a search and re-read it now that it does affect me! Maybe I’ll have to switch to pricematching at Walmart? I don’t know what to do!

    • For the Mommas

      This is what they said on FB:

      Giant Food Stores Robin, we apologize that you may have been given incorrect information as this is not a test, but a change to the program. As a business, we are always reviewing our programs and promotions and sometimes we make changes to them as we have done with this program. Once again, we will be sure to share your feedback with our management.