Staples Deals 7/8 – $.01 Crayons, Glue, Pens

This Sunday, Staples will begin its back to school sales. Prices start at just $.01.

Please check your local ad, as some deals may be regional. These deals reflect the Philadelphia area.


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  • Palwa

    I called and they are not going to do it for teachers this year

  • Does anyone know the purchase limit for teachers? It used to be 30, not sure if anyone checked today. It’s not quite opening time here yet.

  • Julia

    I got a $5 off a $30 purchase coupon in my email. Can I use that with all the free after easy rebate deals? And how long does it take to get the rebates?

    • Shannon


      I have found if I use a coupon solely with the rebate deals, I dont get the full amount back, but since we are buying other items, I am not sure. I prefer to use the coupon anyway, to reduce my out of pocket, it just doesn’t turn it into a moneymaker.

      The rebates vary – I get some back in 2-3 weeks others have taken 6 weeks. I think it depends on where the rebate is coming from.


  • Walmart had their displays up today. I admit i bought a bunch of stuff already!

  • Sarah Supercouper – meaning one $5.00 purchase.

  • Sarah Supercouper – no special card for the $.01 or rebates, yes for the Staples Rewards – you will need a rewards card. $5.00 purchase for all the penny items.

  • lindsay in pa

    Does anyone know???….Can we use the above deals (penny and rebate purchases) to get to the $5 required purchase for the penny deals OR do we have to spend $5 outside of the above mentioned deals to purchase the penny deals?

    • Shannon

      I think the purchase amount has to be over $5.00 + penny deals – so you can buy the rebate items to meet the penny deals.

  • Supercouper

    Excited! Two questions: (1) Do we need a special card to do these? A store card or that ‘back to school pass’ card? (2) With the $5 min purchase items…do we have to spend $5 on reg items for EACH penny item we want, or can we get a bunch of diff penny items with just one reg $5 purchase? TIA!

  • Danielle

    now we just need the tv commercials…”it’s the most wonderful time…of the year!!” LOL!!

  • Amy

    Target was setting theirs up yesterday when I was there too!

  • Heather

    Can you tell me what the new policy is for teachers? Last year I was able to get a class set of the penny deals, but I am hearing that the policy changed. Thanks!

    • Shannon

      Sorry Heather, I am unaware of their teachers policy.

    • Danielle

      From what I’ve seen/read, looks like any purchases over and above the posted limits you will have to pay full price for…then you get 100% back in Staples Rewards… :( Stinky policy.

      • Jenn

        What Danielle said is correct. I spoke with a friend of mine who manages a Staples location. You will get the full amount in staples rewards so in a sense this is a better deal because it ends up being free but you have to put money out to get money back.

        • Megan

          Last year when I showed my school ID they let me buy 25 of anything that had a limit. Sounds like they won’t be doing that this year? I might have to look at target and Walmart.

      • Beth

        yea, that’s what I heard too. It does kind of stink, but a good way to look at it is that you are just putting out money the first time, then you can roll it over after each subsequent visit. Just like Extra Bucks or Register Rewards.

        ps. for anyone who is an educator, if you get an educator’s card, or just show an id or pay stub, you can get 25 (i believe) of the item. Last year you could get for example, 25 crayons for 1c instead of the limit of 2. As stated above, this year you get what everyone else gets, your 2 for 1c, then the rest at full price but 100% in staples rewards back to use on your next purchase. Make sense?

        • Cathy

          Do you get the teachers rewards fast enough for your next purchase? My regular rewards don’t come that quickly, it is a month or more before I get them.

        • Mary

          I guess I am unaware of the “staples rewards 100% “…so I pay for the extra crayons say 10 packs at $2 each so I pay $20…then the next time I come in I have $20 to spend??? Is there somewhere I can read on this?

  • Melissa

    I wish we had a Staples where I live!

  • I will just pretend you didn’t post this….ok? ;) LOL!!!!