Redners Deal – Possible Free Mullers Frut Up Yogurt


Details – The week of 1/19/14, purchase  five participating breakfast products at Redners and you’ll get $3.00 off instantly with in ad coupon.  Muller Frut Up Yogurts are on sale for $.79 – they MAY be included in this deal.

{Note: They were included in last years deal, so we are just speculating. We can make no promises that they are included again this year. Again, they MAY be included}

Buy (5) Muller Frut Up Yogurt $.79 each
use $1.00/3 Muller Frut Up Yogurt (zip 77477)
Pay $2.95
Get $3.00 off instantly
Free after coupons and instant savings

Buy (5) Muller Corner $1.00 each
Get $3.00 off instantly
Pay $2.00 or $.40 each after instant savins

This deal is valid starting 1/19/14.

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  • Jennifer

    I’m confused…the $1.00/3 Muller Frut Up Yogurt coupon that it is stating above to use says it is redeemable at Wal-Mart. According to Redner’s coupon policy, they do not accept competitor’s coupons.
    Am I missing something? Thank you in advance.

    • This is in fact a Manufacturer coupon instead of a store coupon .

      • Jennifer

        Thank you so much for clarifying! What an awesome deal! Planning my trip to Redner’s now!

  • Stacie

    I did this deal today. It was a moneymaker for me. I used two $1.00 any two Mueller yogurts. I did not realize that I needed a coupon until I really looked at the ad. Usually when you get money off instantly you do not need a coupon. Maybe that is the problem. I also bought the cheese. I spent $5.96 for five yogurts, five blocks of cheese, two iced teas, and one lemon. Cha-Ching!!

    • Hey Stacie,

      Redners is odd with the instant savings, but WAY TO GO! Woot!

  • Anonymous

    Tried this today. Did not work.

    • Hmm deal worked fine at my store. Did you use in the in ad coupon? What did they say when it scanned?

      • Anonymous

        I tried it. Actually none of my coupons scanned. They keyed the others in but since I was using a MFR coupon on them, they didn’t want to key this one. Seems the wording on the coupon was confusing to them and my store is not very coupon friendly.

        • Ruth

          I have given up on Redners. At my local Redner’s in Oxford, PA, there is only one cashier who doesn’t give me a hard time. Almost every time I want to use a coupon, they have to go and get clarification from a manager. It is just not worth the hassle. Do they have a written coupon policy?

          • Natalie

            Hi Ruth,

            Here is the written policy for Redners.

            Hope that helps.


            • Ruth

              Thanks, I may print it and bring it with me so the front end manager doesn’t have to go to the office every time I try to use a coupon. A while ago, I had a coupon for 3.00 off 2 Downy, Tide, etc. I bought 6 at 2.87 each, I think. The coupon beeped and the manager told that she could only take 1.50 off 2. I tried to explain that I bought 6 and I could use 3 coupons. She went to check with the folks in the office and told me that they could deduct only 1.50 off 2. It blew my mind.

              Speaking of Downy coupons, Giant has Downy on clearance for 1.99 to 2.47 I think. There is the coupon for 3.00 off 2. The shelves were cleared at Martin in Rising Sun, MD but I was able to get some at Giant in Jennersville, PA. It is a great deal but they will be hard to find. There is a few types of Downy on clearance so bring your coupons just in case. I was able to get a few bottles for less than 1.00 each before tax, great deal.

          • Ashley

            Hi Ruth,

            Were you able to do the yougurt deal at Redners in Oxford? I shop there as well! I was going to go try this today.


            • Ruth

              I didn’t even try it because there is always an issue with coupons. I usually only do the deals that are clear cut and easy. Something that they won’t make up an excuse why the coupons beep or why they can’t give me the full value of the coupon. I love the Muller yogurt, maybe I will give a shot later on tonight. I need to go and get more Purex anyways.