Look Ahead: Giant: Free Expressionary Cards {Again!}

The Buy 3 Expressionery Cards, Get $5.00 off instantly is returning next week at Giant. (Starting June 12th)

There are some differences this time, instead of a catalina, you will get $5.00 off instantly.  This time it states that the $.99 cards are excluded. However,  there are cards priced at $1.49.

So buy (3) cards at $1.49 and they are free plus overage.

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  • Shannon W

    In Harrisburg, PA some Giant’s have a section marked “edge of motherhood” where it might say birthday/anniversary etc. as a header to the card sections. That whole section is $1.49. Not all Giants have that section of cards we discovered. The two that did were emptied. Just big empty sections. I am obviously not the only one couppning! LOL My daughter found one store in Mechanicsburg that had some left and I did see a few graduation cards for $1.49. SO I guess not all Giants have the $1.49 cards. Good luck finding some at your Giant!!

  • Jeria

    I couldn’t find $1.49 cards either (Martins in Harrisonburg Va) bought 3 $1.99 cards still a good deal but would love to find the $1.49 ones!

    • Shannon


      I found them saying Saturday on the back of them.

  • Erinn

    Yes, Giant has no limit to the number in the transaction. There is nothing in the ad that says so and I asked the manager. Though, I couldn’t find any $1.49 cards at all. The cheapest I could find was $1.99 so it wasn’t a money maker. I’m going back again so I will keep looking.

  • Lisa

    Does anyone know if I can get multiple sets of 3 in the same transaction receiving the $5 off each time? For example purchasing 6 cards and getting $10 off instantly?

  • Andrea

    haha I guess they learned their lesson last time. My mom was shopping at Giant and as she was stocking up on $.99 cards she met the wife of a manager at Giant. He said that Giant was losing lots of money on that deal because someone made a mistake.

  • la gata

    FREE small frozen hot chocolate @Dunkin Donuts

    • melissa


  • Heidi

    Awesome! Too bad I just bought Father’s Day cards (the music ones) at Rite Aid this week with the $3 off/3.

  • Melissa G

    That’s awesome! I had a hard time finding $1.49 cards at my stores. But I definitely be there on Sunday scouting it out!

    • Shannon

      Melissa they say like Saturday on the back.

  • Bonnie in PA

    Oh no! My husband isn’t going to be happy with me spending all that time at Giant again. Plus I’ll want to go to the far one that has a huge card selection. Thanks for the head up so now I know where I will be on Sunday.

  • Skye

    Where does it say excludes 0.99?

    • Shannon

      On the ad :)

  • Julie

    LOL… I literally just got home from Giant.. What did I go there for? Birthday cards and Fathers Day cards!!!

    • Shannon

      LOL Julie!

  • Grace

    OooOooOOoo so excited! Love free cards! Thanks for the heads up.