Giant: Free Turkey With Bonus Points Offer

Starting next week at Giant, you can get a free turkey with 400 bonus points. Make sure you print these coupons asap (they are ones that are likely to be gone quickly) and start getting your other coupons ready.  I don’t have time to work out a scenario today, but hopefully this will give you a good headstart.

If you see any other coupons, leave them in the comments.


P.S. Be sure to check back today, I have two more deals for Giant to post.

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  • Wendy

    I went to the GIANT in Hellertown, to get my “Free” turkey with my “REWARD” certificate and was informed they would not honor the Certificate. NO WHERE is it posted that this store was not honoring or participating. The big joke was, but here, use this coupon to get a discount on your gas purchase, BUT you need to buy the gas by FRIDAY and by the way, we DON”T SELL GAS HERE! THANKS GIANT FOR WASTING MY TIME & GAS.

  • Katrina L

    My Mom was trying to do the free turkey deal, and got 200 pts last week and went in to get more this week but was told that corporate stopped the deal! So I’m not sure if any of the stores still have it, it was in this week’s sale ad and she called to complain but they didn’t get back to her yet. So she was going to go to the stores that had it advertised and see if they’re still doing the deal.

  • Marie

    NO FREE TURKEYS at Easton Giant. The ad the end of the week, from what I hear, will have reduced prices, NO FREE TURKEY for Bonus Card points!!! Mgr said that the no turkey thing is in 2 districts- our district has 16 stores. Where can I go to get a FREE TURKEY??? Called corporate to complain- who the heck came up with this idea!!!

  • RuE

    Thanks Shannon! Bummed for you about no free turkey. :(

    • Shannon

      Rue, I know. It is my husbands mom and step dad’s 25th anniversary, we are away visiting with them this week. I might have Natalie go and do it for me.

  • RuE

    So I did the 400 points deal. I was looking for the cashier to ask me if I want a free turkey certificate. She didn’t. Is it the certificate a Catalina? How do you get your free turkey? And yes, my store doing the free turkey promo.

    Thanks! :)

    • Shannon

      Rue, you will have to ask at the service desk. Unfortunately,I am out of town this week and wont be getting my turkey!

  • Angela

    Has anyone else had a problem with their reward points disappearing?

    A few weeks ago, my points total was over 300. Then I went shopping again recently and it was only about 100! I called customer service, and they said that there had been a 5% certificate printed. I told them NO, I didn’t get a printed certificate, and NO, they didn’t ask if I wanted one. I vaguely remember thinking this happened before, but figured my points had expired.

    I wonder if the cashiers print them and save them for personal use. If so, that’s messed up! In any case, I was irritated enough that the lady on the phone put the points back on my card, and I got my $0.50 off/gallon.

    • Tara

      I think it comes up at the register, because my cashier, whom I go to ever week, always just says “I know you want gas” at the end of my transactions, so it probably would be very easy for them to not say anything to you and just hit the button for the 5% off. Maybe newbie error, maybe intentional I don’t know but probably very easy to happen. Good luck!

  • Jamee

    OMGRRRRR…no free turkey here either~~didnt realize that the ads varied this much

    • Shannon

      Where are you located Jamee?

      • Julie

        I’m in Easton, PA, and no free turkey for me either! I’m sure it’ll happen soon.

        • jp

          no free turkeys up here … sorry easton, bethlehem has none either. I wrote to the giant facebook and they said each store is trying something different this year. all i see in the circular for next week from the morning call is buy a turkey and get 300 points…lame o

          • jp

            for the record if you really want the turkey… quakertown is the closest to the lehigh valley thats doing the promo

  • Laurie

    My ad just said gas points! No mention of a free turkey.

  • Lisa

    I just printed off $1/1 Campbells Slow Kettle Style Soup. High value! It is the Campbells Kitchen website. There are many good coupons on this site to make the Campbells Chunky soups a fabulous deal!
    If you don’t mind, I could post a simple scenerio:
    Buy 7 Campbells Chunky soup 1.33 ea. = $9.31
    use .50/2 (doubled=$1/2, my Giant only doubles one like coupon)
    use $2.00/5 (Campbells Kitchen printable coupon)
    Total: 9.31-3.00 coupons is $6.31 oop
    Then you get the 200 gas points! (6.00 savings in gas!)
    $0.31 for 7 cans of soup? 4 cents each?
    If i am miscalculating, please let me know, this seems too good to be true!
    Thank you for your website and all the help for a new couponer like me!!

  • Shannon W

    I have a newbie question for you. Can I use 400 poits I already have for the turkey?

    Thanks for all you do for us Shannon! You are appreciated!!

    • Shannon

      Shannon I think a new period starts for this ad.

      • Zina Smith

        I’m pretty sure it’s a new period becuase my gas points expire tomorrow.

        • Shannon W

          Ahhh yes! Thanks for the reminder!!

  • Jenn

    Did you notice this year there is a limit of one turkey per household?
    I think they are really trying to push the gas now that they are opening more and more stations.

  • keli

    THANK YOU for posting early :)

  • carrie

    Wish Stop and Shop were doing this too!