Giant PA Gas Deals 2/9 – $7.00 Campbell’s Soup Moneymaker & More



Giant Gas Deals for 2/9/14

Here is a look at the gas deals for the week of 2/9/14 for Giant PA.  Purchase six participating products in one shopping trip and you’ll get $.40 off per gallon.  Please check your ad to be sure you have the same deals. All scenarios are based on 30 gallons.

To calculate your savings,  remember to use the FTM Gas Calculator .


Giant Gas Deals

This List Has Expired
Buy (6) & Earn 400 Gas Reward Points


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  • Christina Fedak

    Is there any confirmation that the Campbell’s Homestyle Healthy Request soups are included in the gas deals? There are $1/3 Campbell’s Healthy Request printables.

  • alex

    i got 6 for $3.00 with 3 75 cents off coupons, but my question is how many times can you do this deal to get the gas points? i have 6 more coupons to use i would like to get $1.20 off gas pls let me know asap

    • baconator

      You can do 10 deals. That means you can buy 6 soups, 10 times total. Was that fast enough? I hope you get this before the sale is over.

  • Lisa

    I was able to use the $1 off 2 Campbell’s homestyle coupons and the Quaker cookies(I had .75 off 2 coupons) are also part of the “buy 5 get $3 instantly” making them a money maker also.

    • Jessica Bish

      I tried that this morning and my didn’t double dip :(

  • kim

    I believe the Campbell’s Homestyle soup is an even better deal than posted. My math show’s that you actually pay $4.50 after coupons,
    6*1.25= $7.50
    0.75+.75=1.50 coupon
    0.75 =0.75
    or if you have one of the $1.00 coupon makes it $4.00

    • Hi Kim,

      In our gas deal scenarios, we do them with only doubling them to $.50 because we use them in general matchups. 75% of Giants double up to $1.00 only, so as a rule of thumb for our matchups we only use $.50, but in individual posts we will show both. HTH.

  • Mara

    I hope Crystal light DD. Can’t wait for the DD you are talking about Shannon! I have been stalking your site lol.

  • Can someone explain what is a “double dip” in the coupon world? Thanks!

    • Hey Lori,, he he it doesn’t mean licking the spoon and putting it back! It means that there is two opportunities to save.. So in this case.. it means that there is gas savings and a potential instant savings running. That would mean it would “double dip” both sales.

      Does that make sense?