Giant: Free Hershey Park Ticket Deal

Free Hershey Park Ticket Deal

Free Hershey Park Ticket Deal

The FREE Hershey Park Ticket deal is back this year at Giant. The promo works a bit different this year, you will need to purchase 20 Single Serve Packages of select products. This deal usually ends up being cheaper than a regular ticket PLUS you get the product. I will head to Giant later to get the details of pricing, but you will want to make sure you save this rebate form now. It could go offline at anytime.

Many of these items are on sale for $1.00 from time to time, meaning you could score at ticket for $20.00 which is much less expensive than buying just a ticket for an adult.

Do note: Tickets will only be delivered to addresses in DE, MD, PA and VA.

You can download the certificate here.


  • Offer expires 6/12/14 and order forms must be postmarked by 6/30/14.
  • Allow at least 5-7 weeks for delivery.
  • Limit 2 Free Tickets per name/household/address.
  • Only official mail in certificates and original store receipts will be accepted; no photocopies.

Thanks, Linsey

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  • Peg

    Any suggestions on how to get the certificate?

    • d

      this deal expired last year

    • Debbie

      this post is from last year. The deal is no longer valid.

  • luv2save

    Does anyone have the phone number for the promo company? I submitted for two tickets and only received one.

    • Ashley

      That happened to me AND my friend as well. Submitted receipts for two tickets, and we both only got one. The # is 1-877-433-9765. Good luck!

      • Jen

        Thank you! I was searching for the number! We only recieved one ticket too. I’m planning to call if we don’t get the other one by the end of the week!

    • Ashley

      Update, just called the number and it says some two ticket requests were mailed one in error and the other will be mailed out early next week. Whew!

  • JulieO

    I called the # on the form and the recorded message says that they will send all tickets out by July 25 for complete/valid submissions.

  • Matt

    Has ANYONE gotten their Hershey Park tix yet>>>

    • Shannon S.

      Yes they have. Some have already used them.

  • meg

    Does it really take 5-7 weeks for the tickets to arrive?

    • Umm that is what is says :)

      • Meg

        LOL, I know that :0) This is the 1st time I will be doing the deal and I just wanted to see if in anyone had any prior knowledge of how long the tickets took in reality to show up.

        • Lori

          And… Does anyone know what the expiration date is for these tickets?

          • Lori

            I called, they said they PROBABLY expire in September. They do not have the tickets yet. This may make for a short window to use them, considering they say 5/7 weeks to get the tickets.

            Any deals next week on any of the qualifying products?

  • Mara

    I bought 40 Pure Leaf last wk, paid $$35.XX and will submit the rebate for 2 tickets. I’ve been wanting to go to this park so I’m very excited about it!!!

    • lisa

      Do you have to submit two separate rebates to get two tickets or can it all be on the same one?

      • Angela

        I’d like to know the answer too:)

      • I would suggest calling the number to be sure.

      • luv2save

        I received a call back today that said receipts for 40 qualifying purchases may be submitted with one rebate certificate – mark on “2 tickets” on the certificate.

        • lisa


    • Marina

      I was wondering the same. I was like shoot so I will call them tomorrow.

  • bonnie in PA

    Not a bad deal, wonder if the Starbucks will go on sale since that’s my drink of choice.

  • Holly

    I’ve been wondering about this one. We might go this year.