Giant – Extra Gas Bonus Points Coupon

Details – Check your Giant/Martin’s ad for an Extra Gas Bonus Points Coupon.   Spend $50.00 and earn 300 Extra Rewards Points.

The coupon is valid through 3/2/13.

If you don’t have the gas points coupons, be sure to check out these other gas points deals.

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  • mary

    There was no coupon for spend $50 and get 300 points in this weeks paper ( Carlisle paper)


    BUT last week(Feb 17 to 23) there was a coupon for that deal in the Patroit paper. I didn’t get an extra 300 points today when I spent $60.

  • Lora

    I just sent my mother-in-law to Giant to be my tester for this deal! Lol! She spent $60 and did not purchase any of the extra bonus buys with the gas points and at the bottom of her receipt she did receive 300 points! So I am assuming she received the points because she spent $50. Yay!

    Lehigh Valley area

    • For the Mommas

      I am loving that you sent your MIL :)

  • Leah

    I did NOT have the coupon in my paper but I DID get the 300 points. There was a section at the bottom of my receipt with the following statement:

    You’ve earned an extra 300 points for spending $50 dollar or more & redeeming your coupon!

    Carlisle, PA; Spring Garden Dr

  • Bonnie

    I’ve heard from a lot of people that the extra 300 points for spending $50 is being added automatically this week w/I the coupon. I haven’t tried it yet, but maybe some of your readers can report back if they’ve had this happen! I have also heard though that it is limit 1. Where if you have the coupons you can do it as many times as u want!

    • Pam T.

      I did not get the coupon and it did not automatically add the points for me.

  • Pam T.

    Be sure to check you gas points on your receipt. I had $1.20/gallon off from last week, when I did my shopping today for another $1.60/gallon off, it erased my points from last week. I was able to show them the Giant app on my iPhone that showed that I had those points last week (since it was right after my transaction, my points from today hadn’t registered yet) I went to the service desk and explained everything to the manager on duty. He was willing to put the points back on even before I showed them the points on the Giant app on my iPhone. I would suggest to get the Giant app if you can just in this happens. If you don’t have the ability to get the app, you may want to print out your points from your Giant account before you shop.

    • Karen frazier

      They don’t show up right away..only the money you spent…check your points now..I bet you have extra!