Giant Coupon Deals – Week of 11/11/12

Here are the Giant Coupon Deals for the week of 11/11/12. Giant Coupon Deals are valid thru 11/17/12.

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NOTE: Please check your ad this week – some areas are being phased out of Gas Points. 

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  • Mike

    I passed this onto a Manager at Giant, Spring Ridge last night after seeing the 2x in the Reading and Lehigh Valley papers.

    I stopped in a Weis, Friday night to check on particular product pricing. There were probably 12 people in the whole store shopping past me. 7:00 at night. If they would like to drop the gas deals that is the fate they will be dealing with. Without the gas deals they are just another overpriced grocer. I told him I experienced the same at Redner’s where it was a ghost town, the past couple visits.

    Giant needs to think this through, pare back if they must but remember without shoppers you don’t move enough product to keep the lights on let alone the freezers.

    I also relayed that I do have a deep respect for what they’ve been able to for the people of their territory in these hard times. No other chain has come up with programs like this.

    The people need the programs and Giant need the people. It’s simple- make it work.

    Hope this gets through!


  • Tena

    No Gas deals in Mechanicsburg,Camphill,Harrisburg,Enola.PA ..:(

  • Shannon S.

    Only 2X gas deals in Lehigh Valley PA as well…..Please don’t tell me we are on a phase out for the gas deals!!

    • Anonymous

      I will be sooo upset :((((

    • Pam T.

      I was so upset to see that we are on the 2X gas rewards. I don’t really understand it. Why would they be doing that? Weis Markets seems to be making some moves to have better gas deals. Any help?

      • Steph

        I know! I didn’t go to my Weis until yesterday, and was mad at myself to see some of the items I was buying would have been a buy 10 get 30 cents off gas! I didn’t buy enough or have enough coupons, but utimately would have paid $10 for 10 food items after coupons and gotten $6 off gas! oh well… maybe Weis will pick up Giants slack!

  • Sharon

    Just curious… are there no gas deals this week? Don’t see them in your list.
    (Yep, my store is NOT on the test phase-out list!!!)

    • Marion

      No Gas deals in Fredericksburg, VA. This is a first!

      • Sharon

        Oh my goodness, Marion! I didn’t know they were still adding stores to their test! I’m holding my breath now… I’m in Staunton VA. Yikes!

        • Caroline

          I’m in Weyers Cave so I shop Harrisonburg and Staunton. Our ad shows a box with 2x gas deals but none of the “Buy x, get x points” deals. I didn’t take that to mean we were on the phase out list, just that maybe since it’s close to Thanksgiving, they’re doing that instead?

          • Melanie

            I was thinking the same thing – I think they will start again after Thanksgiving,