My Quick Shopping Trip: $23.10

Irene is on her way. It is very likely we will lose power this weekend, so I wanted to stock up on juice boxes, granola bars and snack foods.  I hit up my favorite scratch and dent store – here is what I got:

  • (3) Good Belly Juice
  • (1) Evolve Kefir
  • (3) Barbaras Fruit & Yogurt Bars
  • (1) Raw Sugar
  • (1) Organic Expresso Kcups (so excited about these – only $2 for 12!)
  • (2) Motts for Tots Juice Boxes
  • (2) Orange Juice
  • (4) Ocean Spray Trail Mix
  • (1) Back to Nature Cinnamon Sticks
  • (2) Back to Nature Crackers
  • (1) Loaf of Bread
  • (4) Bottled Water

$23.10 for everything shown. I love shopping at the scratch and dent store – just be sure to watch the expiration dates. Everything I purchased has current expiration dates – but I did see some that expired long ago!

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