SC Johnson Rebate Form

I know several of you were looking for the SC Johnson rebate form that is no longer on their site.

You can print it here.

Thanks to Charlene for the form.

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  • skizzatt

    Thanks for the reminder about the SC Johnson rebate expiration date. I sent in my third rebate form today.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, you can combine them unless mentioned on the form.

  • Angelica

    does the rebate count if the items are purchased on separate receipts? i never knew about this rebate. thanks for the heads up.

  • Dee

    Ok, I’ll wait for your post. I’m specifically referring to your SC Johnson rebate though. I don’t know whether I circle the 0.77c after Target coupon or $1.77 before Target Coupon!

    Your blog is awesome and has already saved me heaps! I wouldn’t have known about 80% of these deals and rebates otherwise!

    • Shannon


      Dee that one circle the retail amount, not the after coupons amount. So if it was $1.77 before all coupons, then circle the $1.77

  • Dee

    And it also says about use of PO boxes. We live in an apartment so have a PO box so as not to use the landlords mailbox. Will they not fulfil rebates sent to PO boxes?

    • Shannon


      Many times they do not allow PO boxes so that people do not do double rebates.

  • Dee

    So these rebates are pretty new to me. So as I bought some ziploc bags at target yesterday I just send them the receipt and write the barcode numbers on that form? It says circle the purchase price. Do you mean the price it was for sale or the price after coupons that I actually paid?


    • Shannon


      No. This is just specifically the Schick one Dee. I am going to do a post on this topic.

  • Michelle

    Which issue of Real Simple did you get the $5 Coupon for SC Johnson Products?

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  • Hayley

    Thank you so much for posting this! I have already submitted two of these and I just found a coupon in Real Simple for a free $5 Target GC when you purchase three SC Johnson products. This will make for an even better deal! Thanks again!

  • So happy you found a printable link for the rebate form — those sneaky people at SC Johnson pulled it before, but thankfully I had saved it as a PDF on my desktop.

    I rocked this deal on Friday on the cleaning products at Vons/Safeway. Bought 6 items and will end up getting paid 6 cents. Even with tax, I am only paying 90 cents.

    Gonna hit the deal one more time at Safeway/Vons before it ends.

    So glad you found a printable link — a *huge* service!!


  • Thank you very much!