Red Plum: Where to Find Them


Thanks to all of you great readers, I have compiled this list of where Red Plum coupons still are. I have also included a list of where they have stopped distribution.

Please leave a comment if you know of another paper that currently carries the Red Plum!
These Papers Currently Have Redplum:

  • AJC, Atlanta
  • Austin American Statesmen, TX
  • Baltimore Sun, MD
  • Boston Globe, MA
  • Bridgeport Post, CT
  • Bucks County Courier, PA
  • Buffalo News, NY
  • Citizens Voice, PA


  • Daily News, TN
  • Dallas Morning News, TX
  • Detriot Free Press
  • Free Press, MI
  • Grand Raids Press
  • Harrisburg Patriot, PA
  • Kalmazoo Gazette
  • Kansas City Star
  • LA TImes
  • Lancaster New Era, PA
  • Lebanon News, PA
  • Modesto Bee, CA
  • Morning Call, PA
  • New Haven Reigster, CT
  • Norristown Times Herald, PA
  • Patriot News, PA
  • Reading Eagle, PA
  • San Antonio Express
  • Scranton Times Leader, PA
  • St. Pete Times, FL
  • Standard Speaker, PA
  • Tampa Tribune, FL
  • The Reporter, PA
  • The Tennessean, TN
  • Tyler Courier Times, TX
  • Washington Post
  • Williamsport Sun Gazette, PA
  • Wilmington News Journal, DE
  • York Daily Record, PA

These papers currently do not carry the Red Plum:

  • Standard Examiner, Northern Utah
  • Pittsburgh Tribune Review
  • Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Memphis Commerical Appeal
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • Virgian Pilot

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  • bethany

    no redplum in st. petersburg times, FL. Just an FYI….I bought four papers and it wasn’t in any of them :( Boo hoo!!

  • beth

    Bought a Sunday Globe yesterday 5/8/2011 at Rite Aid in Cambridge (on Mass. Ave.) and it didn’t carry the Red Plum insert. It only had the SmartSource coupons.

    Really dissapointing… :(

    • Shannon


      Thats because there was NO redplum yesterday :)

      • Beth

        Thanks @Shannon.

        How do you know when there is going to be a RP or SS insert or not? There WAS a RP in the Boston Globe on 5/18, but not this Sunday, 5/22. Well, at least not in my copies. When there isn’t one, it makes me feel a little crazy, like I was cheated out of my coupons!

        • Shannon

          YOu can check here each weds for the upcoming week

          • Beth

            I DID miss a Red Plum insert this week. Shoots! hehe It’s good to know.

            Thanks so much for the link. :)

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  • Chicago Tribune had it last week

  • Cowgirl

    Houston TEXAS!!! WHOO_WOO

  • Trish

    I did not get a redplum in the store bought San Antonio Express, but it was in the home delivered paper.

  • I Live in the South Bay Area in San Diego and I get them in the Monday mailers as well. Unfortuneatly I havent recieved it the past 2-3 weeks. =[ I wish they came in the Union Tribune.

  • Amy

    I did NOT get a redplum in the Houston Chronicle ofir 1/17 paper.

  • The Raleigh News and Observer in NC still gets them!

  • laura

    the hartford courant in CT still get them

  • Brenda

    San Bernardino Sun here in southern Cali still has the RedPlum

  • Connie

    I just wanted to let you know that I live in San Diego and our Red Plum coupons do not actually come in our papers but in our mail with the Monday Ads (I should say at least the area I live in which is considered North County). I’m sure most everyone that is a member of this site and others like it go through the ads in their mail but thought it was worth mentioning, some others might be getting it via mail and not realize it.

  • Marlene

    The “Times Union” in Albany, NY still carries Red Plum. I don’t like that the Sunday paper costs $2.50 though. That seems high to me.

  • Rachel

    I was referring to the Daily Item, Sunbury in the above comment.

  • Rachel

    It seems like they only have the red plum instert in the home delivery papers- I have not been able to find them in store bought papers for awhile.

  • Sherry

    The Washington Post is still carrying the Red Plum also. They stopped for awhile last summer but then started again.

  • Nicky in NY

    Daily News, NY and the Journal News, NY has Red Plum

  • CJ

    St Louis Post Dispatch Sunday paper carries the Red Plum.

  • Bethany

    The Day paper – New London, CT; The Harford Current – CT; and The Norwich Bulletin – CT all still have them. I have noticed that they are NOT the same coupons that I see in most people price match posts (I shop at shoprite so those are the posts I’m trying to match)

  • The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA has them

  • Krissy

    I didn’t get any in the Morning Call on Sunday! I thought I had a shot of getting them in that one but nope! And the coupons that were in there were the crappy ones.

  • Rachel

    The Harrisburg Patriot I bought on Sunday did not have the Red Plum Insert. I looked through 3 papers and didn’t find one in either paper so I don’t know if those papers just got skipped by accident because it seemed like they were missing other flyers or if they stopped carrying them too.

  • The phoenix republic in arizona still gets them!

    Miss Thrifty

  • liz

    The Norristown Times Herald (MontCo, PA) is carrying the insert, but i also got one in my mailbox.

  • Debbie

    The Intelligencer (Bucks County, PA) is still carrying the Red Plum inserts.

  • I have to tell you Shannon- Swagbucks I think loves you, TWICE this week I searched for your site, and got 3 swagbucks! LOL gotta love it!

  • I received my Red Plum last week in the Indianapolis Star and Kokomo Tribune. (Indiana papers)

  • Alesha Aulds

    Houston Chronicle (Texas) has Red Plum.

    Question: I missing buying my papers on Sunday, do you know where to get or purchase the coupons from last Sunday’s paper?

    Thanks for your blog….I recently found you and it’s awesome!