Hershey Easter Candy Coupon

There is a new $2.00/3 Hershey Easter candy coupon available to print here.

It looks like Rite Aid will have Hershey’s Easter candy on sale for $1.99 next week, so this coupon will make it $1.32 each, which isn’t to bad. I only use 2 bags of candy at Easter so this will be more than enough.

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  • I just got back from Walgreens. I have never posted before, but I did today. I went to get Candy and some make up and walked out with 47 dollars. I knew it was not right so I looked and the overcharged me for every item, but one. The 2 dollars is with the coupon already and it is not in addition. They ring up at 2.50 and with the 1 dollar off it is 2 for each. I got 22 dollars back from being overcharged…they charged me 5.99 for bags that were supposed to be 2 dollars and overcharged me for my peeps (39 cents each), makeup (posted 3 dollars off) and the list goes on. I ended having to go back to get an additional 3 dollars since they did not take off the money for the makeup. They said the person forgot to take the sign down from last week. At this point it was 45 minutes for this trip and I don’t think I will ever go back. I got for 22 dollars, Revlon foundation, 2 peeps, 2 orbit gum, 7 bags of candy. All the coupons that should work did not so really I needed 2 more in coupons off, but I gave up at that point.

  • Andrea J.

    There’s an awesome deal with this coupon next week for Wellness Areas, too! This coupon is in the ad for next week, but there are also $1 off any candy $1.99 and up and $1 off any seasonal item $1.99 and up, so it would make 3 8-10 oz bags under $1 total! The Wellness program is awesome!