When Your Cashier Says No #2


I was really surprised last week at the response to my post “When Your Cashier Says No”. If you haven’t read it, you can check it out HERE.

I wanted to continue the conversation into this week, because I thought so many good points were made. I want to talk more about some of the comments. There were so many great comments, I am going to make this a weekly feature. Please just post your thoughts in the comments. If you just want an outlet to vent about a stinky experience, go for it. If you want to ask me a question about a specific scenario, go ahead!  Got a great tip for everyone else, please comment.

#1. Celia says: Go alone!  The last thing you need when dealing with a picky cashier is whining kids, or worse… a whining husband!!

If you can block out a period of time to go alone, it really is best. Even if you have little angels (and the Lord knows my son is no angel), it is sometimes hard to concentrate on buying exactly what you need to. I find that if I am with anyone, my sister, my mom, my husband – I tend to get distracted.  Also, when I check out with my son, I am too focused on him trying to put candy up at the register, I can’t pay attention to the cashier.

I know that shopping alone is a luxury for most of us, but if you can go alone for the tricky transactions, you will probably fare better.

#2. There seemed to be many complaints about Target and lack of knowing their coupon policy. DD Devito left a REALLY great tip about how to specifically handle situation at Target. I love that it is instantaneous service.

DD says: At Target – they have a “red” customer service phone in the customer service area. If you have problems at the register – ask the cashier to “suspend” your order as you will be back in a moment. Pick up the “red” phone and speak directly to corporate customer service. They will ask to speak to a manager and then problem solved – it’s like magic! Just try it. No threats…just corporate reminding them of “their” store policy.

#3.  Jenn says: I had the coupon “$3 off ANY 3 of the following – reach floss and/or listerine and/or toothbrush”. I bought 3 floss and the cashier refused to take it because she thought I needed to buy all 3. I told her ANY 3 but she refused to budge and I was already having trouble with my coupons so I didn’t pursue it. Was I correct? What should I have done? I cannot stand the attitude I get from cashiers.

Jenn you were absolutely correct.

You needed to buy a combination of 3 – could of been 1 of each or 3 of each like you did. My suggestion, which is sounds like you did, call a manager over. Don’t let the cashier frustrate you, especially when you are absolutely right. I take the never let them see you sweat mentality when it comes to my coupons.

If you really want to make a point, tell the cashier never mind and cancel your order.  Go back into the store, and check out at another register. Of course, you need to know that you are 100% correct with your coupon usage. I am certianly am not advocating being a jerk but sometimes you just need to prove your point and this is the most passive way I can think of.

#4. CJ says: I won’t apologize that I have coupons, but I do say “I have coupons, please” and I thank the cashier after they’re scanned. If I have a bunch of coupons or the coupons end up being a problem in any way I say “Thanks for the extra work with my coupons, you did a great job!”

I really like CJ’s tip. We all liked to be praised for a job well done, so take the extra second to say thanks if you run into problems.

Lastly, I agree with CJ. I never apologize for using coupons, because without my coupons, I probably would be working fulltime and I am NOT sorry I don’t have a full time job!

I don’t want to ramble, but I do like this conversation. I know that many people in my life don’t understand my slight coupon obsession. I am glad I have all of you to talk to about coupons!

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