Haiti: Help with Your Stockpile

Convey Of Hope

It is time like these when I am happy I have 15 bottles of shampoo. I know many of you want to help with Haiti, but don’t have the extra money. My neighbor is working on a project through Convey for Hope to provide Hygiene Kits!  This is definitely something I can help with and wanted to share it with you.  It is a great way to help. I know they need money more than anything, but some just don’t have the money to give.

I am going to deliver my shampoo to her now, so hopefully this will help some of you who might not be able to help otherwise.

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  • Thanks, Lady. You rock!
    Times are super tight. Yet, we are still blessed in so many ways. The feeling of the need to help became overwhelming. So, w/o much(no) money to spare this is totally do-able!
    This is such a simple project that we are even getting our kids involved. Compassion needs to be shown to be learned.

  • Wow, thanks for posting this!!

  • kathy T

    I just wanted to say Convoy of hope is a great organization. Our church and our sister churches all over the US have helped support them in their mission!!! I was just telling my co-worker about this organization at work yesterday. We were trying to figure out how we as a group can help and this was one of the ideas I mentioned..