Rite Aid: Veet Deal Clarification

There has been some confusion about the Veet Deal starting tomorrow.   I have received a bunch of emails asking whether the Rite Aid ad is suggesting that you can use the Video Values coupon and the In Ad coupon together.  My opinion is no.  Since August of last year, Rite Aid has limited coupons to one RC49 coupon per item.  {this is clearly listed in their policy}. You can use a manufacturer coupon and an in ad together.  If there was a RC48 coupon, you could use it with an in ad coupon.

You can read this in the Rite Aid Policy here.  Also, some people have said that it was previously in ads showing both. Those ads were before Rite Aid changed their coupon policy. I confirmed with RA corporate that it is still one 49 coupon per item.

I think they are just letting you know its available. There is a limit of 6 Veet UPR offers and many stores will only allow one in ad coupon per person, per the coupon.  I know it is confusing, but I try to stick to the policy, plus it is free anyway without the video values.   Cashiers at many stores will give you hassle about this, regardless of the ad.

Obviously, you can make the choice for yourself, but that is my two cents.

What is your interpretation of the policy?

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