Pathmark Coupon Policy

Pathmark Coupon Policy

Here is the Pathmark Coupon Policy as of May 2011.

  • All coupons must be presented to the sales associate before the start of the order.
  • The exact item featured on the coupon must be purchased, no substitutions are allowed.
  • Any coupon that has expired will not be accepted.
  • The total redemption may not exceed the retail value of the item.
  • Competitor coupons will not be accepted. This includes both Competitor Internet and Catalina coupons.
  • Stores honoring double coupons will do so in accordance with our normal Double Coupon Policy.

Exception to our Double Coupon Policy: A Limit of two like coupons will be doubled, unless otherwise stated on the coupon “ Do Not Double/Triple/Multiply or Redeemable at Face Value Only” or words of similar meaning.

Coupon Usage:

  • One manufacturer coupon and one store coupon can be redeemed on a single item, however the total redemption cannot exceed the retail value of the item.

Manufacturer Coupons:

  • We do offer double coupons in many of our stores. Guidelines and amounts vary by location. Please check with your local store for details.
  • Only 1 manufacturer coupon may be applied to an individual item.
  • Only 4 like manufacturer coupons are allowed per transaction.
  • Internet (Online) Printed Coupons:
  • Only 2 like internet (online) coupons are allowed per transaction.
  • Coupons for FREE Items are NOT accepted unless the purchase of an additional item is required (i.e. Buy one get one free).
  • Coupons with a value of $5.00 or more will NOT be accepted.
  • Online Clip-less Coupons which are loaded to the Club Card do not double or triple.
  • Proctor and Gamble Internet coupons are not accepted.
  • We gladly accept all internet (online) coupons from our website and all internet (online) coupons distributed via our corporate e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • The Return of an item purchased with a coupon:
  • Any customer requesting a refund/store credit for an item purchased with a coupon will be issued the purchase price after the deduction of the coupon. The full price of the item will not be refunded nor will the coupon be returned.
  • Store Management reserves the right to reject, in its discretion, any coupons that appear to have been altered, copied, or exhibit signs of misrepresentation/not being used according to the intended purpose.
  • Customer accepts and agrees to these policies when using any coupons.

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Pathmark’s Coupon Policy is published on their Facebook Page.

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  • nd

    Thanks for sharing the policy as well as the responses. I am very new to couponing and I am going on my first shopping trip with multiple coupons today. I’ve used a coupon here and there but I’ve recently been inspired to use more coupons and I am feeling a little nervous. Wish me luck!

    • Shannon

      Good luck ND! Let us know if you have questions…

  • Lindsay Staten

    I am very serious when it comes to couponing and up until last friday Pathmark would double internet coupons. Now I found out today as i am at the checkout counter that they no longer do so. They changed the policy without notice and that is not very good customer service.

  • Thanks for posting Pathmark’s Coupon Policy. I’m going to visit family in New Jersey and there is no Food Lion there. Just Pathmark, Shop Rite, Family Dollar, and Walgreens near their homes.

    I’ll be coming back to your site for more helpful hints on shopping at Pathmark.

    Thanks For The Mommas!

    • Just took my first shopping trip to Pathmark. The cashier was very nice and I even got a Pathmark Advantage Club Card. It’s not much different than shopping at Food Lion. The prices are little higher here in New Jersey than in Virginia; however, it was easy to redeem my coupons and I’m glad that I was able to find their coupon policy here at For The Mommas. Thank you again!