Tracking Your Mail In Rebates

A few months ago, Denise asked me how I keep track of my Mail In Rebates. I realized that I could not show you my rebate book the way it was, so I made a new spreadsheet to share with you.

I put together a spreadsheet with the information that I keep for my rebates.  I typically print a rebate form when I find it and add it to the rebates list. You can then keep this list in your coupon binder, so if you are at the store you will easily be reminded of what mail in rebates are available, without having the forms with you. It also allows me to see if I have a rebate I haven’t taken care of mailing or if I haven’t purchased the products. I typically hand write it, it is just easier to keep that way. Another tip, print the rebate form as soon as you see them. Rebate forms can disappear at any time and you don’t want to buy products you won’t get the rebate for.

You can print the sheet I use to track rebates here. There is software available that is much more sophisticated as well.

Here are some general tips for mail in rebates.:

1. Be sure you fully understand the rebate requirements. Make sure you read all of the fine print and understand exactly what you need to purchase, the date you need to purchase and mail by.  If you are unsure, call the number on the form for further clarification.

2. Follow the specific rebate instructions given. If it says to circle in blue pen, be sure to circle in blue pen. If you do not file the rebate exactly per their terms, they could deny your rebate.

3. Keep a photocopy or scan of the rebate form, the receipts and UPCs.  (If you are unable to keep a photocopy, write down all the details of the rebate, including your UPCs but I highly recommend copying)

4. Keep a log of all of your rebates.  Important information to keep;

  • Rebate Name and Company Responsible for Rebate
  • Purchase Requirements
  • Phone number and Mailing Address so you can check on your rebate status. Sometimes there is a website as well.
  • The date you sent the rebate.

5. Mail your rebates on time – Give yourself an extra day to make sure you item gets postmarked. Most rebates will not be accepted if they are even postmarked one day late.

What are your tips for mail in rebates?

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