Prevacid Rebate | Available to Print Online

Prevacid Mail In Rebate

The Prevacid Mail In Rebate is online. You can print it here. You can also print the $4.00 coupon.

Terms: Free Prevacid®24HR 28ct offer is based on combination of $4.00 off coupon plus mail-in rebate. Actual rebate amount will equal purchase price less $4 coupon, up to $18, not including tax.

It looks like the coupon will be deducted.

You can still turn it into a moneymaker using the transaction listed here at Rite Aid.

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  • Jetje

    Received both a $2 and a $18 check today.

  • lizarddeals

    I have been waiting on hold (and jumped from person to person) for 45 minutes now! I was told on December 13 that I would get my check by the end of the year. I have seen nothing and my friend has not seen anything. BBB? Good idea.

  • Reader

    Just spent a whopping 88 MINUTES on hold with Novartis Customer Service to find out more about this issue. Like many other readers, I too have not received my rebate. I’ve called twice in the last few months and was told it was received and/or in the mail.

    Today, the rep said the rebate is going to be in two checks: $2 and $18 and that neither have been mailed yet. She indicated that it would be another 3-6 weeks before that would occur. She also indicated that the checks will come out of this facility (for which she had no phone number, of course):

    Prevacid Try Me Free
    P.O. Box 848 (RQ-R7240)
    Grand Rapids, MN 55744

    This may be helpful to those of you who are working on BBB complaints.

  • Selina

    I also purchased through Rite Aid, but my rebate check was for 3.99…the subtotal amount after the (2) $4 coupons, and a $10 UP reward that I put towards it. Has their been anything in writing stating that they will cover the rest of the rebate?

  • Christi M.

    Finally made it through after being on hold for about 15 minutes. She asked me if I was a Rite Aid customer (yes). She said those who purchased through Rite Aid will receive another check in about two weeks, making the total $18. (Is this something they’ve fixed, after getting so many angry calls from us Rite Aid shoppers?)

    • Shannon

      Good information Christi.. Would you mind if I shared it ?

    • raj

      wow, kind of wish I could simply return this to rite aid … haven’t used the product, but let them collect the rebate ? too bad the upc code had to be cut out, else this would be a simply return …… btw, returned my bufferins (2) to rite aid as part of the recall (as well as excedrins to cvs).

  • Christi M.

    Also received a check for $2.00, expecting $18. Been on hold for about 6 minutes so far….

    • Kathy

      Did you ever make it through? I was on hold for 10 minutes and gave up and then tried another 25 minute on-hold call before giving up again.

  • Kathy

    Got my $1.99 rebate today. Tried calling the number above (also listed on their website) and they were experiencing high call volumes and HUNG UP ON ME! Really???? What to do now?

    • raj


  • Jessica

    Same with me, I only received a check today for $2. I will call on Monday, hopefully with enough people calling they will refund the rest of the money like Neutrogena (I think was the company last year that did a similar thing) did last year for their rebate.

    • raj

      believe it was Neutrogena as well. both Neutrogena and Aveena took a while too process as well. was on the phone just now, took nearly 56 minutes! apparently, if you call, call before 6pm et to enter the queue!!

  • Patty

    I got my rebate today for $2.00! I called their 800# and was told that the $2.00 was part of a Rite Aid promotion and for some reason the checks went out earlier than the rebate checks. He said I would be getting an $18.00 check that was mailed today.

    From where I am sitting, the math makes no sense. I will wait one week, call again. If not handled to my satisfaction, I will be calling the Attorney General and filing a complaint with them.

    • eunice b

      which number did you call? I only had an address, but was hoping to find a phone # to check also since I received my $2.00 check, too. Thanks for your help! :-)

      • raj

        1-800-452-0051 (see posts above)

  • Michelle

    Wow. This is completely bs. I just called from the number posted here. Thanks. Rather “convenient” of them to not list the number on the rebate. Anyways, I am only getting back $1.99 because I used RiteAid Wellness coupons. I rarely have any saved up and now I’m getting screwed over because of it. These have NOTHING to do with the Prevacid product.

    If I had purchased other items besides Prevacid and used the same Wellness coupons, but my total was over say $22, would they still have deducted the amt. of the Wellness coupons from the rebate total? They are the same as cash at the store! I had to spend cash to get them.
    I didn’t feel like arguing further with the rep. I would have NEVER purchased this product without the rebate.

  • Darlene

    The actual reading states “up to $18.00”. Since you didn’t pay anything for it, why should you get the money back? By using the coupons you weren’t paying out of pocket.

    • raj

      huh ? which reading are you referring to ? I don’t have the ads in front of me, but it could easily be googled, etc. If I remember correctly, there was one that listed something like the following:

      sale price of 19.99 less $4 mc and $18 rebate = better than free or (1.99 profit) … again, there may have been different ads, etc. perhaps, this was the one listed on a rite-aid ad as well and perhaps that explains why prevacid is sending a $2 check. not sure why they are doing this, perhaps rite aid is involved, or class action suit threat, but nevertheless, the ad gave the impression that it is a mm. really sick of chinsy rebates after all of this.

  • called the 18004520051 phone#. the CS explains the rebates only cover the OOP, that is bunch of crap. I explains I can use the ECB for something else, and the CS just didn’t care much, stick with a sentence like “the rebate only covers the OOP”.

    I’ve had some people I know, they got their full rebate from CVS as will (used the ECB in the same transaction).

    Wanted to solve this in email correspondence, but CS claims he doesn’t have email access regarding the rebates.

  • called the 18004520051 phone#. the CS explains the rebates only cover the OOP, that is bunch of crap. I explains I can use the ECB for something else, and the CS just didn’t care much, stick with a sentence like “the rebate only covers the OOP”.

    I’ve had some people I know, they got their full rebate from CVS as will (used the ECB in the same transaction).

  • Janet

    I purchased the Prevacid with the $4.00 coupon and I also had a $4.00 CVS coupon good on anything in the store. I paid $18.99 for the Prevacid and they deducted both coupons and sent the rebate of only $10.99. They should not have deducted my CVS coupon. I could have used that on something else. It had nothing to do with prevacid. I can’t find an email address for this company.

  • Bessie

    Raj – thanks for the info. I sent mine in during September and was wondering what was going on with it.

  • raj

    wrong, you can call:

    Prevacid consumers center, 1-800-452-0051

    apparently, or supposedly, the company handling the rebates waited til the end of the promo to process rebates. checks were supposedly cut last week and this week. should be arriving in the mail in approx. 2 more weeks.

    • I have got mine in the mail today, and cheap Prevacid gave me 0.35 for my rebate.

      my brought Prevacid at CVS Pharmacy, and I had some ECB left from previous transactions, thus, the total oop is 0.35.

      And Prevacid gave me the oop of this transaction.

      • Lauren

        I also used ECB from CVS and Novartis only refunded me 5 dollars when I was expecting 16. I called customer service to complain and they said they were getting a ot of calls regarding this matter. The rep told me he would let his supervisor know and get back to me, but that they don’t refund anything but actual cash spent. Did I miss something in the fine print? Anyone else know how to handle this?

  • Ron

    No, I mailed mine on 9/21. There is no way to follow up on this rebate. i.e 1-88 number

  • Don

    Rebate not received. Sent 9/20. Did anyone get one??
    Is there anywhere to ask or complain??

  • teresa

    Will the rebate company take the printed online version you offer. I noticed on the rebate itself it says. Coupon or REBATE cerificate may NOT be reproduced, Traded or sold. I did not get the rebate in my SS today so I would sure like to use this but I have never done this before and I am afraid:(

    • Shannon

      They are offering it online – I am not offering it – it is on their website.