Pfizer Mail In Rebate Form – Receive $6.00 Back

Pzifer Mail In Rebate

Pfizer Mail In Rebate From

Be sure to check your Red Plum for this week for the Pzifer Mail In Rebate Form. The Rebate is good when you purchase 3 qualifying Pzifer products between 1/26/14 – 3/29/14.  Offer expires 3/29/14.

Rebate Terms:

Pzifer Rebtate Terms


Here are some coupons that match with this deal:

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  • pamj60

    I sent this rebate in, however was turned down AGAIN!!! When you look at the written language about what they accept it says: “The qualifying products are as follows: any Centrum products, ” See that there is a comma after any Centrum products – that means ALL Centrum products. If there were a colon after any Centrum products, that would have meant only Centrum Silver 100 ct or larger and Centrum Specialist 56 ct. or larger. There is no colon – look at the copy you have printed on this page – IT’S A COMMA. I called them but of coarse did not get anywhere. These rebates are a pain the the A_ _.

  • Debbie

    does any one have the address.. i think i will send with out the rebate form and see if they will except it … its will be more my time wasted and a stamp

  • does anyone have a extra rebate form?

  • albert

    How and where do you get the Pfizer Mail In Rebate Form
    I checked in this week redplum did not see it.. pls help.

    • Andrea

      You may not have found it if your area didn’t get it.

  • ashley

    From last sunday or coming this sunday?

    • Andrea

      Last Sunday, I think.

  • Angie

    Can you submit more than one receipt for the Pfizer rebate? I purchased 2 Robitussin so far.

  • carmen

    At Target, for ADVIL, There’s a 5% Cartwheel offer.

    Do you think Advil Film Coated products qualify for the rebate? has some Advil coupons as well (including $2 off Film Coated 40 ct+).

    • Carmen,

      It says ANY so I would think so :)

      • boni

        Thanks. I’m still crossing my fingers though :).
        I bought 3 Advil at CVS because I had 25% off, and was hoping to get the extrabucks melissa mentioned, but the type of Advil I bought didn’t qualify (40 ct film coated) . Oh well, I still got a great deal–assuming the rebate works :).

        The $3 extrabucks only works when you buy two of these:
        Dimetapp 4oz., Robitussin 20ct., liquid 4oz, Advil Congestion Relief or Allergy & Congestion Relief 10ct. Advil 50ct., PM 20ct., Children’s Advil 24ct., liquid 4oz. or infant’s 0.5oz., ThermaCare heat or cold wraps (excludes heat 1ct.), Centrum adults 100ct., kids 80 ct., Silver 65-80 ct. or Caltrate 60 ct.
        Offer limit of 1 per household with card.
        For one week only, mix and match…

  • melissa

    There’s also $3 ECBs wyb 2 at CVS this week and it includes Robitussin. I’m thinking if all the varieties are available that the Ibotta rebates are for, you ought to be able to get 3 free (or darn close) Robitussins at CVS this week. (You’d have to be able to buy one DM, one Multi-Symptom, and one Children’s, though–not sure if those are all included in the CVS offer.)