New $10 P&G Rebate wyb $30

Buy $30.00 in  Olay, Venus, Covergirl, Secret, or Pantene products and submit this P&G rebate to  receive a $10.00 rebate check.
Purchases are valid from 06/30 to 09/17, must be postmarked by 10/1.

Thanks, Kristen

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  • sheryl spencer

    yes your link is broken

  • Dee

    Couldn’t find a better place to put this but I found a number for the P&G Rebate department. 800 782 3743. Turns out one of my checks got returned as somehow they made 101 turn into 62. I’ve read and re read the scan of the form and I have no idea how on each they did that! Thanks to your idea of tracking the rebates otherwise I would never have known what one’s I am still waiting for!

  • Tanesha E.

    Thanks. I think your link is broken. It wouldn’t let me on because that’s what it kept telling me. This is what I found when I went to the google bar.

    Tanesha E.

  • Marion

    YAY!!!!! THANKYOU for letting us know about this!!!! I already have $18 towards this from CVS Pantene!!!!

  • Judy Ribblett

    Wish they had this last month with the CVS olay sale that had….I would only be a few $$ short….oh well I am sure another great deal with come along to help stock my already overstocked cupboard…lol

  • Grace

    Awesome…I already purchased $30 worth (didn’t really pay that much oop). and will make another $10 :)

  • Lane

    There is a code for 15 swagbucks on the blog…just thought I would let people know. Just read to bottom and copy and paste.

  • Any chance you found a moneymaker yet? I know what you’re capable of…

    • Shannon


      I just got home and My head is total mush from the almost 100 degree heat, but we have plenty o time on this one!

  • Helen

    $1,000 REBATE CHECK??!!! :0

    • Shannon


      he he so I was missing a decimal point LOL…

  • $1000 rebate check, LOL, I wish!!!!!!! ;) Great rebate, and I probably have already purchased a couple items that qualify.

    • Shannon


      yes all you have to do is send $990 along to me and i will send you the $1,000!