Hasbro Game Rebate



Hasbro Game Rebate 

The Hasbro Game Rebate is back for 2012.  This rebate is always very popular!

Hasbro Game Rebate 2012

You can get all the details on the Hasbro Game Rebate here. 

You can save the form to your computer here. 

Valid on purchases 11/1/12 through 12/25/12. Proof of purchase required. All online submissions must be received by 1/15/13. Mail-in submissions must be postmarked by 1/15/13 and received by 1/31/13.

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  • Sharen Kuckkahn

    I mailed in 2 $40.00 rebates for games purchased on 12/14/12. Am I anxious? I have not received the rebates as of today 2/4/13.

  • Sharen Kuckkahn

    I mailed 2 rebates for $40.00 each from purchases of games on Dec 14,2012. Am I getting anxious? I haven’t received them.

  • Sue

    Thank you for all the great info and coupon offerings.

  • Meghan

    How does the $10 gift card work? Is it in store only? What is the purchase requirement?

    • Mandie

      It’s a $10 TRU gift card that expires in February 2013 (sorry about exact date – it’s not in front of me). It works like cash toward any purchase 6 hours after activation.

  • Lisa

    Do u have think to the Jengacoupons

  • Mandie

    Worked for me! I paid 31 plus tax for the games, got my gift card, and filed online for my rebate. May use this gift card to do another run this week, since max rebate is for 8 games. Also, I think there is a Disney movie deal coming up this week, if I can find a Brave coupon.

  • Mandie

    So here’s my scenario:
    Buy 1 Operation, 1 Life, 1 Jenga, and 1 Monopoly and spend $35. Get $10 TRU card, get $10 Hasbro rebate, pay $13 for all four.

    You could also print 2 Jenga coupons and replace a $10 game with an extra Jenga and pay $11 for four games.

    Let’s go try it!

    • Jason

      How does that work? Doesn’t the total after the coupon need to be over 35 to get the giftcard?

      • For the Mommas

        Jason, if memory serves me, last year it was precoupon total for gift card.