Penzey Spices: Free Spices {Pay Shipping}


This is a great deal that Stephan sent in. You really need to read this carefully to get this deal. 

There are 3 coupon codes you can stack when you shop online to get 3 free items at Penzey’s Spices.

Go here and click enter online store at the top of the page. Then click online shopping.

Go directly to checkout and:

Use code 82440C to get the Kind Heart Gift Box (MSRP $7.95) for FREE. The Kind Heart Gift box contains:
1/4 cup jar Penzey’s Forward
1/4 cup jar Penzey’s Mural of Flavor (Salt-Free)
1/4 cup jar Arizona Dreaming (very good and kid-friendly spice)
1/4 cup jar 33rd and Galena Spice, their newest spice for pork or chicken
Also available is a FREE 1/2 cup jar of Forward, the newest spice combination offered by Penzey’s. No other purchase is necessary for this one. The new spice which is valued at $5.39 is named after the Wisconsin Motto. Enter coupon code 15958C at checkout.

AND you can get a really cook teacher’s gift set with any purchase. It’s retail value is $8.78 but you can use code 83018c at checkout to get that item for FREE. NOTE: YOU MUST PURCHASE ANOTHER ITEM TO GET THIS ONE. You can choose any item, I chose Wasabi.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 1/2 cup jar Penzeys Forward!
  • 1/4 cup jar Penzeys Cinnamon
  • Teach! pin
  • Teachers Care bumper sticker
  • Teach! book of stories and recipes

You can use all coupons at checkout to get them for FREE. But as mentioned, if you want the Teacher’s gift box, you will need to make some sort of purchase. Penzey’s has items as low as $1.50. Shipping also starts at $3.95.

Thanks, Stephan and WUC

*Note – I am not familiar with Penzeys – even though their site is a little antiquated, Stephan assures me it is a great company!

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  • melissa

    I got the teacher gift box and the kind heart and just place two orders and just payed shipping thanks love cheap persents!

  • JP

    I received my order today and I am very pleased. I got the kind box and teacher’s box for free and also the forward spice for free! I only paid for one seasoning which was $2.89 plus $3.95 shipping. Really a great deal!!!

  • Becky

    Penzeys is so good, I refuse to buy old, stale grocery store spices – no matter how cheap they are. Their big box of kosher salt is the cheapest I’ve found.

  • Sommer

    Thanks for this GREAT deal! TWO gifts and a couple of goodies for myself for under $7.00 shipped! Love it!

  • liz

    This is a great deal! I was psyched and placed three orders, 2 as gifts with a purchase. I noticed the comment “we review orders and will contact with questions” any thoughts? Will these be accepted?

  • Holly

    I’m on the site right now and cautious about ordering using this scenario. There is a note on the checkout page in a box that includes the language ” Limit one coupon redemption per household.” It took all the codes, but this would seem that only 1 will be honored. Thoughts?

    • Stephan

      I could swear that it wasn’t there when I ordered it. I just checked it out, and yes, it is a limit of 1 now. However, you can add all the coupons and they will show up, but I guess they will only allow you to redeem one.

      Did anyone notice that yesterday? I don’t think it was there!

      • Stephan

        The more I look at the checkout page now, the more I am sure that the coupon limit was NOT there yesterday. The way it is placed I would have noticed it yesterday! And probably a lot of other people as well!
        I just guess that they got so many orders with free stuff in, that they finally noticed it and decided to change it.
        I hope that they will honor the orders from yesterday… :(

  • Sandra

    Ordered yesterday. What a great deal! Did two separate orders to get two Teacher’s gifts. Thanx for posting this deal.

  • Kathy

    I did this deal … thanks. I wonder how quick Penzeys will change their policy to “only one coupon code” per order. Great deal !!

    • Shannon

      LOL Kathy.

  • Anne

    What a wonderful deal! I am so excited to receive these new spices and the teacher’s gift what a wonderful idea!

  • Shoko

    Great deal!!! It worked perfectly! I love cooking so I am very excited to get all the spices!!!

  • beth

    I havent used them, but i’ve heard GREAT things.

  • Rachel Love

    Penzeys is great. Have been to the Pittsburgh store on the strip. Love that deal. Thanks!! It worked.

    • Stephan

      Haha, I live 10 minutes away from the store in the Strip here in Pittsburgh :) I stop there at least every second weekend ;)

  • sarah

    I placed my order :) I selected the $3.95 shipping but on the conf page it was $4.95, oh well I really want those gift boxes :)

  • Penny

    I’m in! Ordered some dill weed to go with all my freebies. Sounds like a great deal!

  • Heather

    this was a wonderful deal and worked perfectly. I have no idea of the quality of the spices but at $7 shipped you can’t really go wrong.

  • Andrea

    My mom had been using Penzy’s for years. I have been getting my spices from them, adding to her order. Thanks for this! I needed to re-stock a few items, so this is just the reminder I needed.

  • Angela

    Worked for me, thank you! Funny, we just got our Penzeys catalog in the mail today. It had the Kind Heart code, but not the others.

    The Fox Point seasoning is awesome on steamed veggies (keep it in the fridge though!).

  • Lauren

    Penzeys is wonderful!! If you live near a store, you HAVE to request their catalog. Each one has at least one coupon for a freebie on the cover, plus great recipes inside. I wish I was closer to one — might have to suck it up and pay shipping for these great gifts.

  • Diane

    My parents have been shopping with Penzeys for years. They have a great store in Philadelphia!!

  • Stacy

    You will not be disappointed in Penzey’s spices! They are the only ones I use and their vanilla and cinnamon is wonderful.

  • Danielle Farrelly

    Thanks Stephan for this great deal! I did it. The teachers gift especially is going to come in handy!!