Children’s Place: $1.99 Children’s Mitts & Boots

Head over to Children’s Place to check out some great deals on children’s boots and more. Be sure to use for 5% cashback.

Here are some of the deals I see:

  • Mittens $1.99
  • Girls Boots $4.99
  • Ski Overalls $4.99
  • Shoes $4.99
Also, use code F8K2013 to get 15% off your order.

Note: Sizes are limited, so I would check it out now.

Thanks, Crista

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  • Anonymous

    So…… 1.99 mitts and 4.99 boots even though it clearly says mitts and boots $1.99. I am agreeance with the other comment. How ever it adds up if you buy online those $1.99 mitts end up being $7.09 mitts after standard shipping of $5.00 and Pa 6% tax charge and the 15 % off code for just one pair.

    The boots that are falsely advertised as $1.99 but are ACTUALLY $4.99 become about $9.80 with shipping, tax and 15% off code for just one pair.

    So in reality if you can find these in the store. That would be the way to go to get the best price for these things. Unfortunately the chance of the right size or color are more slim in the store then online.

    Thank you Children’s place. Unfortunately this one is not for me but I hope it is a good offer for many other to get some cute stuff.

    • For the Mommas

      Umm you are the same commenter as before, so of course you agree with yourself :) IP Addresses don’t lie :)

  • Anonymous

    Not that I am complaining but it says $1.99 mitts & BOOTS…. Boots are 4.99 and after 15 % off is still $4. If it is just the mitts Then say 1.99 mitts. Don’t advertise something that is not.

    • For the Mommas

      Sorry if you are feeling like someone is trying to be deceptive, but you are complaining. Second, the title only allows for so many characters – the post is very clear and no one is trying to advertise something that is not. A reader sent in a deal at 7 am this morning and I quickly posted it before they were all sold out. I wrote up this deal in between trying to get my family’s day started. Thank you for appreciating those efforts – thought maybe someone would be able to take advantage of the low prices. You have a nice day.

  • Adrienne

    webcode F8K2013 will give an extra 15% off as well!

    • san

      have to pay shipping?