Giant Food Store Coupon Policy

Giant PA Coupon Policy

Here is Giant Food Store’s Coupon Policy as per their website 1/2/2010.

Coupon Policy

Customers with a Giant Bonus card will receive double the value of manufacturer’s coupons. Each store may have a different value that they double up to, the most being $.99.

The double coupon policy does NOT apply if you are not using a Giant Bonus Card. The total value of the double coupon may not exceed the price of the item. Giant will double ONE like coupon per day, per customer.

Internet Coupons: Customers with a Giant Bonus Card may use Internet Coupons. Giant will not accept Internet Coupons with a value greater than $5.00. Also, no free product coupons will be accepted.

Giant Accepts Upromise Ecoupons:

Upromise provides new ecoupons each month. Not familiar with Upromise Ecoupons, check out this information here.

Upromise program is a free and easy way to save for college. All you have to do is register your BONUSCARD for free with Upromise and purchase participating products to start earning college cash.

There’s a huge list of participating brands that you probably already buy – why not get something for it?

For each Upromise item you purchase, you’ll get 1% – 5% of the price deposited into your Upromise account. You can register here.

To see current Giant deals visit HERE.

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  • Sara

    It lists above that Giant accepts upromise but i went to upromise to register and Giant is not listed which is a disappointment. I shop at Giant food stores but also checked Giant eagle and neither are listed! How do I know for sure?

  • Kathy

    I just bought a few items hoping to take advantage of the double coupon deal and I go totally screwed. It turns out that the store will double only coupons .99 cents or lower. Any coupons $1 and up are not doubled. I didn’t realize that they hadn’t double all the coupons until later and decided to come home and re-check the coupon policy before talking to a manager. I just read the policy and it really doesn’t specify that coupons $1 and up will not be double. I think the policy is written so vaguely that they may get away with it. Anyways, I’m planning to go back to the store tomorrow to talk to a manager and see if I can get my purchase adjusted. Have this happened to any of you? I’ll let you know what happens. :-(

    • Shannon


      There is a list of what stores will double to – but this is most stores policy, I dont think you will have much luck getting a $1.00 coupon doubled.

  • Debbie

    How many coupons will Giant Foods double of the same item?

    (ex. I have 4 of the same coupons $0.50 off 1 product. If I get four of the product will they double all 4 coupons??)

  • Shannon


    Giants corporate policy is to not accept BOGO Free or Free Internet coupons at all.

  • Ada

    My giant won’t accept P&G printable internet coupons. They have it printed everywhere in the store! I live in Central PA

    • Shannon


      P&G does not do printed coupons.

  • Rebecca T

    Our local store says “NO!” to the using Giant coupon with manufacture coupon. Considered (in their words) “double dipping”.

  • Sandra

    Can Giant coupon be used with manufacture coupon on same item?

    • Shannon


      It is not spelled out in the policy, but I do believe so.