Wendys: Free Jr. Frosty with Key Tag

Update: I wrote in this post that this promotion may not be valid in all parts of the country – please do not leave a comment saying the promotion has ended.. it is different for every area – if you would like leave your area so other readers know it is not valid in your area, that is great, but a blanket it is not available is not true. Thanks!

I received this email from Annie today –

I heard about this deal from a friend, so sent my hubby on a mission to Wendy’s  Tuesday night to try it out.  He bought a keychain tag for $1.  It is valid all year long for a free Jr. Frosty with any purchase.  Then, he said, can I get a free frosty with this purchase?  ANd she said yes, you can.  I love it – he’s learning!!  So, for slightly more than the cost of one jr. frosty, you can get them free all year long with any other purchase.  I am thinking, BOGO frosty dates… :)  I think select Wendy’s get the keychain tags at the beginning of each year, and sell them while supplies last.

So check out your Wendy’s to see if they are offering this keychain for $1.00.  You get a free Frosty Jr. with any other purchase for the entire year. This promotion may not be valid country wide, so please check first!

Thanks, Annie

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