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Summer has been super busy around here!

With school just around the corner, we are trying to get back on schedule. Sleep schedule, eating schedule, you know all the things that go by the wayside in the summer. When school starts, it becomes a never ending cycle of homework, lunch packing, meal prepping, sports going – you know that crazy, busy life of Mom.

I become a little laid back in summer, sleeping late, eating treats we probably shouldn’t be and not sticking to the schedule. It is hard to get back on track, but we must. When school starts, our schedules will be super tight. Evan pops home from school, eats a snack, does homework and heads off to sports. I try to keep things on hand like fruit, yogurt and nuts, so he isn’t tempted by just eating a cookie! My biggest hurdle is finding things he likes and will eat without me encouraging him to!

I was excited to learn about the TryFrusionFree rebate! This gave us a chance to try the new Frusion C-Charged! Frusion C-Charged is a new creamy yogurt and fruit option, with bold, intense fruit flavor, but it is also full of nutrition. It is easy to eat, no spoon required! My favorite part of this new healthy snack – it contains no high fructose corn syrup. This is an important factor for us, as I have been encouraging Evan to make choices without HFCS.


So, the reality is, I can love a product, but the true test is whether the kiddo will eat it. He doesn’t care if it has Vitamin C or Calcium, he wants to know if it tastes good. He was able to try two flavors and the verdict “Yep, Mom these are good.” There ya have it. Evan approved. I tried to get more out of him, but the empty container was enough – his stamp of approval.
Do you want to try the “kid approved test?”

You can try it for free by purchasing Frusion C-Charged and filling out and mailing a rebate form found at until 10/15/13.

What flavor will you try?

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