Sprout: FREE Music Downloads for Preschoolers

There are over 30 FREE music downloads available on the Sprout website.  Songs include Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Brusha Brusha Song, The Dinostomp, Teddy Bear Picnic, and many more.  Songs can be downloaded in an mp3 format.  You can preview each song before downloading, and there are also printable lyrics for each song.

Click here for Sprout’s free music downloads.

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  • Kristen Goffredo

    I tried to find the music on sprout.com and was unable to find any music to download. I might be missing something. Please let me know if they still have them available

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t find the music either :(

      • pat kluz

        How do you get the nusic downloads?