Reminder: Free Gallon of Milk Coupon

Heads up: If you missed this – you can still get a coupon for for free milk..

Milk Mustache will be giving away 10,000 coupons every day for free milk on Facebook through March 3rd, 2012. Head over to Facebook and become a fan of Milk Mustache.   The coupon is redeemable for a free gallon of milk with the purchase of three breakfast items.

Check back each day for the giveaway to go live. They are having technical issues, so keep trying back, let us know if you get it. 

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  • Jen

    Can you buy the 3 breakfast items using coupons?

  • OUT!

  • Linda Hook Williams via Facebook


  • andrea

    any tips for getting this to print with a mac??? uhhhhh—hate smartsource!!!!

    • autumn

      worked fine for me.. try a different internet app.

  • I tried to use it at a place that does accept internet coupons but when scanned they said it showed it was not a valid coupon.

  • Lauren

    Got it! Planning on using it at WalMart since Giant doesn’t allow free internet coupons! Thanks!

    • Rie

      When I was at Giant this morning, I went to customer service first to see if they accept this coupon. The lady behind the counter said, yes!! So I got four Kelloggs cereal and a gallon of milk for $1.82!!

  • Vicky DeVoe via Facebook

    Have to be careful…I went to Wegmans and they would not honor it because they said they did not accept internet coupons that made things free. I did contact the Milk campaign and they emailed me and said the would get me the coupon, just dont know when. Good luck!

  • Danielle

    Just got it! finally! :) thanks!!

  • Valerie

    got mine today!

  • Rhonda Drews via Facebook

    I’m doing it today at Meijer. They have a cereal deal going on.

  • Ugh! Finally got it to print!

  • I got it to print! Thank you for letting us all know! So excited…Sunday morning and I already am starting my coupon trip up 1 gallon of milk! Can’t beat that!

  • Cathryn

    Many of the stores around me dont allow the use of printable coupons for free items, like the coupon. Do you know what stores do allow the use of coupons such as this so I can take advantage? Thanks!

    • Heather C

      This is NOT a coupon for a free item. This a “buy X, get Y free” coupon. MOST stores policies do allow printables for free items as long as you’re required to make a purchase to get the free item.

      I’m quite sure you’ll be able to use it Weis, who’s coupon policy doesn’t mention free items, and Shoprite doesn’t mind them.

      Giant says specifically no free internet coupons, but doesn’t mention buy one, get one free items, so if you are planning on stopping there, I’d just ask at the customer service counter before you do your shopping. I know I was told by the girls there that they are fine, but I’m still leery of that line in the policy.

      • Amanda

        Hey guys–
        I work at Weis Markets and their internet coupon policy is posted throughout my store and has only changed in the past few months. Weis will NOT accept coupons for free items or any coupon more than $10 in value printed from the internet, but they WILL accept free coupons if you have to buy an item to get the free item.

  • Cathy Jesse Taylor – no but I am going to use it at Weis :)

  • Amy

    thanks, just got one.

  • Cathy Jesse Taylor via Facebook

    Can I use this at Martin’s with the cereal deal? …I know they don’t accept free item coupons…