My Coke Rewards Bonus Points

My Coke Rewards Bonus Points

From now until December 26th, enter any My Coke Reward Points and get 25 extra bonus points.  Collect your My Coke Reward Points from 16 participating Coke Products. You can find them under the caps, inside 12 packs and on multi-pack wraps.

Enter your My Coke Rewards Points

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  • kelcity

    That’s odd. My post from yesterday disappeared.

    I received an explanation from a My Coke Rewards supervisor about why I, along with others, did not receive those 25 Bonus points. I was told that this promotion only applied to NEW members OR current members who have not entered a code FOR 30 DAYS PRIOR!

    There’s no way to gleen that information from only what’s posted on this site, but perhaps these terms are what the asterisk above is indicating. In other words, this site doesn’t have complete information about the promotion.

  • kelcity

    I left a detailed comment yesterday and saw it posted, but it’s gone today. Is it awaiting moderation?

  • Melissa S

    I also did not get any bonus points.

  • sandy weinstein

    did not work for me….i emailed them to ask why.

  • Linda G

    I only got 3 pts.

  • daniela

    did not work for me:(

  • Samantha D

    Didn’t seem to work for me either… on the bonus points portion of their rules it says bonus points are awarded immediately… I don’t know.

  • herman

    didn’t work… just added the normal 3 points

    • Cristina

      Same here.

    • Jamie

      Someone posted on Facebook that they can take up to 48 hours to show up.

    • Genevieve

      Nothing here either.

    • herman

      it’s been 48 hrs