Maty’s All Natural Health Products Review & Giveaway


Maty’s All Natural Health Products Review

Imagine being worried every time your child took a cough medicine.  What if I grabbed the wrong kind?  Well this is us.  Evan is very allergic to Ibuprofen, so as you can probably guess, I am scared to give him any medicines without reading a label 600 times.  So my mission is to avoid traditional medicine as much as possible.  Of course, traditional medicine has amazing value and we can’t always avoid a trip to the doctor, but I try to find relief for colds, sore throats and runny noses at home.

So like I said, I am scared of medicine.  When Evan was just 18 months old, we gave him his first dosage of Ibuprofen. His skin turned cold and his breathing became labored. We rushed him to the ER, where we found out he was allergic to Ibuprofen. Since then, I have been diligent to keep medicines out of my house. When I learned of this natural line of cold and cough care, I was excited. I wanted to share with you – perhaps your child suffers from an allergy or perhaps you just want to have an all natural choice.  I am excited on both accounts.


Matys Products  are food based so you don’t  have to worry about side effects or drug interactions. Maty’s Products are 100% all natural –  take a peek at there all natural ingredients. Maty’s product line includes 5 products for all your cough and cold care needs.   My favorite product – the Maty’s all natural vapor rub. I may  or may not have put it on my chest just because it smells so great!  I love that the  baby vapor rub is menthol free.

Matys cough meds

The cough syrup comes in both Adult and Children’s formula – however, they both contain all natural ingredients.. no icky additives. I would say that I only have one complaint about this product line – that there isn’t more products!  I hope the introduce more care products in the future.

Ok, so you are saying, great but where can I find Matys? These popular stores carry Maty’s.

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